Best Movellas Ever!

This is a collection of probably the best movellas we have found. Hope you agree!

If you think there are great movellas that aren't on here, please comment on them so we can check!


2. Officially 15

Officially 15 - Miss Yazzy

Officially 15 is about Leila Milling, a teen who has just turned fifteen. On her birthday she decides to make sure she has a successful year, and doesn't make all the mistakes she has done before.

This movella is delightfully written, it's a bit like Angus, Thongs and Full-frontal snogging in style, and it captures my imagination. From the moment I begin I like the main character, and can't wait to read more! Please write more Yazzy! Also, this is the most popular diary genre book, well done as well :D

Peace & Donuts
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