Best Movellas Ever!

This is a collection of probably the best movellas we have found. Hope you agree!

If you think there are great movellas that aren't on here, please comment on them so we can check!


6. I am Pure

This movellas absoulutely amazing, one of the best stories I've ever read! Belle Moon has an unique talent, and this story defInitely showcases it...

Rose hates herself, she is hated by other girls, who put her down and taunt her. Desperate to escape from this, she turns to self harm and alcohol to drown out her worries. She is so insecure she will only wear tracksuits, and hates people seeing her.
When she sees a group of extremely beautiful girls, all with strange similarities to her, she is intruiged.
Add in an attempted rape, and an unexpected rescuer, and Rose might just be about to find out something very important...

At the moment it is unfinished, but I am absolutely desperate for more! More more more, Belle Moon!

Peace & Donuts :)
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