Best Movellas Ever!

This is a collection of probably the best movellas we have found. Hope you agree!

If you think there are great movellas that aren't on here, please comment on them so we can check!


10. finding theo

Finding Theo- by Alix

I would very strongly recommend Alix's 'Finding Theo' as it left such a lasting impression on me, is very well written, thrilling and heart-wrenching at the same time. It touches some very deep issues (mental illness and suchlike) and I read it so hungrily! I was so upset when Alix finished it, and then even happier when I found the sequel 'Forgiving Justice' which is just as good (if not better - which is pretty rare to find with a sequel!). Alix just continues to expand the story and characters, adding, not taking away to her world and showing how the story never just 'stops'. It is a brilliant book, and deserves recognition.


:) Xx

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