Best Movellas Ever!

This is a collection of probably the best movellas we have found. Hope you agree!

If you think there are great movellas that aren't on here, please comment on them so we can check!


3. Don't change

Don't change- Peace & Donuts


This is one of my all time favourite movellas. It has 82 people on it's faverioute list, and is very well written. It is about a girl called maya, who wants to become popular and get more friends. So she loses weight, changes her hairstyle, and buys a whole new wardrobe. her best friend alex is astounded! but when maya catches the attention of dan, the most popular boy in school, it is only alex who realises what dan really wants...

It has the capability to hook you in, and the characters could be real life people, instead of fake steriotypes.


love, Tru :)


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