The Lovers song


1. Free

Once there was a time when i could rome around as freely as i liked.When there was no violence and no war.Now the path was clear , not a blured vison of blood and loss i had survied the raging war of the centery .Luckly (or so i thought )they had declared that there would never be a war again.What an idot i was.

Although i was free i still greaved.My father and brother fell victims of the war.My father was 37 his name was Albert Charles Smith.He went missing in action.My brother only 16 died to.He was called Charles Albert Smith.He to went missing in action.

I remmber me and him going up to the Downs we had a good laugh.There was a little stream ,it was july althogh the stream was still icy cold.As a laugh i thought id push him in.So as he fell in he pulled me down with.I started screaming and we had a water fight .


Good Times


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