Delly Ficklewood

I'm Delly. Delly Ficklewood. I'm 16 years old and I'm from District Seven. This is the Seventh Annual Hunger Games.


13. Skeeter’s POV.

I look up. Someone is sawing a branch. I move and it hits my toe. I look up. Delly is sitting there. I look to the left of me. Careers. I head in the opposite direction and hide behind a tree. I watch as the boy from two is kill by a spear head. His blood spurts everywhere, even onto me. I see Jackson. She climbs the tree. Kill her I think. I hope Jackson will kill her. Then a spear head is launched at her back. She turns a pale white, then she falls to the ground. It’s just me and Delly now. Wait. That spear head came from behind. Delly didn’t kill her. Two cannons boom. Delly and another person run away. I move too so the bodies can be collected. The hovercraft appears. I wave to it. I want to be like them. I want to be a Game Maker. Always have, always will.

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