Delly Ficklewood

I'm Delly. Delly Ficklewood. I'm 16 years old and I'm from District Seven. This is the Seventh Annual Hunger Games.


12. Delly’s POV.

Oh boy, I’ve done it now. First I blow up the careers supplies, then I go and grin at Skeeter. I basically just asked him to kill me. And he won’t stop till he does. I leap from tree to tree. Swinging off branches and stumbling. I look down. He’s right next to the tree. I start sawing a branch. I let it fall. Then I realise I just told him I’m up here. It lands on his foot. He looks up at me. Then runs off. I turn to the other direction. The two remaining careers are running this way. I stay silent. I’m watching them. Jackson stays still at the bottom of the tree. The other District two is hit by a spear head. Right in the temple. I look across from me. Blight. The boy from five is sat there. He puts a finger to his mouth. I nod and watch Jackson. She sees me. She digs a knife in the tree and starts climbing. She gets to my branch. Neither of us move.

‘I’m sorry’ She says. ‘For everything.’ I know this is the end. She doesn’t want to kill me. I brace myself. Then she is covered in the crimson liquid. She falls to the ground, a spear head in her back. I look to Blight and chuck him some food. He nods. This is the alliance.

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