Delly Ficklewood

I'm Delly. Delly Ficklewood. I'm 16 years old and I'm from District Seven. This is the Seventh Annual Hunger Games.


10. Delly’s POV.

I hadn’t run far. In fact, I’m sat watching the careers now. I see Skeeter head into a tent with Jackson, the girl from District 2. I can’t believe it. I grab my bow and an arrow. I hold them and aim. I release the arrow. My target was not Jackson. Or Skeeter. It’s the apples. They’ll fall onto the carefully placed landmines below. Jackson and Skeeter will be fine. Maybe deafness or a few scratches. I cover my ears with the earmuffs my mentor, Joshabe, sent me. I don’t hear anything. But I see it all. The explosion causing a chain reaction. People running and screaming. I see Jackson run from Skeeter. I bet she thinks he did that. Now I have ruined his chance of life.

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