Delly Ficklewood

I'm Delly. Delly Ficklewood. I'm 16 years old and I'm from District Seven. This is the Seventh Annual Hunger Games.


16. Blight

Delly died this morning. I'm really sad. I wasn't there when it happened. She hadn't met me at the "safe house" for hours. I decided to go and look for her. I heard a cannon on my way to find her. It obviously wasn't me. It was either Delly or Skeeter. I started running in the direction I was heading. I shortly saw a spear sticking out of the ground. But it wasn't sticking out of the ground. It was sticking out of Delly. I rushed to her, forgetting traps and the hovercraft. Then I looked up to the camera. I did the District 7 peace sign. I backed away to let her be taken away. Then I ran away.

I know where Skeeter is now. And I hope to anything that he dies soon. I don't want to become a monster. Killing is wrong. And I can't believe Delly's own boyfriend did that to her. I see the Cornucopia from the tree I'm in. Skeeter  is sat on top of it. I could do it. I have a good shot. Instead I don't.

I jump down from the tree and walk towards the Cornucopia. I want to end this. He see's me coming. He looks happy. I drop my weapons. He looks confused now. He heads towards me carrying a knife and a spear head. I stop. I want this end without weapons. He realises. He drops his weapons. I carry on walking to him.

"What do you want kiddo?" He grins.

"Two things." I say, calmly.

"Go on." He's curious.

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