The Party

" Acting young forever, means to live young, because you only live... once!"
Or so Kyra thinks.
Kyra is eighteen years old. Old enough for drinking. Old enough to move out of her parents house. Old enough to go in bed with a guy.
But Kyra doesn't want to grow up that much.
And when there is a party going on, best friend, Laila, is always invited, Kyra has to go to. Even though she knows that she will have to drink and go to a bedroom, she decides to go for Laila. But is the party all that? Will Kyra really have to grow up?


4. Teenagers..

Great. Just great.

Look what you have just got yourself into, I said to myself.

The teenagers gathered on different sides of the bus and pushed and pushed until it started swaying left and right.


One of them took a large stone from the side of the road and I ducked in cover as he chucked it through the window. An escape!

I stood up and tried to climb out of the large smash, but I couldn't. Three of the boys had started to climb in!

I ran up the bus and hid at the back. One of the boys managed to hotwire the bus and he started driving through the street.

The other two helped all the rest of their ' gang' onto the bus and they all took a seat near me.

" So, what are you doing here?" they asked me.

I didn't answer, I was trying to be responsible and not talk to these idiots.

" Oi! Grandma! We asked you a question!"

" I'm only twenty two... And if you haven't noticed I am not replying to you people," I said.

" Oooh, got a little temper?"

I stood up, walking towards the smashed window and was getting ready to hop out as one of the guys grabbed my arms and held them behind my back.

" Get off me! I have rights!"

" And I don't care," he said. " Sit her down, you got rope?"

One of the girls nodded and handed a long piece of rope towards the tallest guy.

" Now listen, you do us a favour and shut up," he said.

" No, actually, as soon as I get out of here, I'll be going straight to the police!"

Why did I just say that..?

" Mark, Ewan! Here!" the 'group- leader' passed the rope towards to boys and nodded.

" Where?" said the one called Mark.

" Sweetheart, come here," ' leader' said.

I walked towards him, then he grabbed my arms again and swung them round the back of a bar.

" Here, now."

Mark and Ewan starting tieing the rope round my arms and tightened it so I couldn't move.

" Is this meant to be scary?" I asked.

No one answered so I just started humming a little tune to myself.

" Guys!" I called.

No one answered.

" Helloooo?"

" Hola!"

They all suddenly turned round and shouted ' WHAT!?'

That's when the bus crashed.



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