The Party

" Acting young forever, means to live young, because you only live... once!"
Or so Kyra thinks.
Kyra is eighteen years old. Old enough for drinking. Old enough to move out of her parents house. Old enough to go in bed with a guy.
But Kyra doesn't want to grow up that much.
And when there is a party going on, best friend, Laila, is always invited, Kyra has to go to. Even though she knows that she will have to drink and go to a bedroom, she decides to go for Laila. But is the party all that? Will Kyra really have to grow up?


2. Oldies party.

The party was just as I had expected, a tight room in a smelly hall with lots and lots of grumpy old ladies and old men.

Old music played softly from an ancient music box in the corner of the room. It sounded as if it had been picked by my Granny. I really wanted to go over and stick on some random rock band that made a song by screaming into the michrophone. That would have shocked the oldies.

I didn't really know why I was being so mean, the old people weren't really that bad. An old man had asked me to dance, so I stood up and I wiggled my hips a little.

Mum hadn't seen me all night as she was dancing away with Mr. Alding, our next door neighbour. They were getting it off. Ew.

A friend of Mr. Alding's, came up to me and held out his wrinkly old hand, he gave me twenty pence.

" Don't spend it all at once!" he laughed and started to cough.

Don't spend it all at once? I barely could spend it all because it wasn't nearly enough to buy a packet of chewing gum...


I told Mum I was going home, this party was really bad. There was no one my age at all. I grabbed my jacket from the hangers and I left the hall. I had no idea how to get home, because I couldn't drive, seeing as I had a little bit of a drink that was somewhere at the back of the party, and I couldn't phone a taxi because I only had the twenty pence from the old man.

There was a bus just about to leave from the bus stop down the road. The driver was out at the back trying to shut the back door from the outside. I could just slip on the front..

I rushed as fast as I could in heels to the front of the bus, then I crept round the side to the nearest door. The bus driver had shut the other door and was now going round the other side to get back in. I slipped into the nearest seat in the empty bus and waited. Was this the right bus? Yes, it was a number two, I had taken that home from town the other day. one

The bus started up and drove into the darkness, I was pretty sure it was going the wrong way. I looked at my watch. Eleven. Not that late. I remembered something about the buses stopping at nine, but I let it slip out of my mind as the bus pulled up a deserted street. The driver coughed and laughed to himself, I nearly burst out laughing but I kept it in, I have no idea why I didn't want to be found. If I was found maybe he would take me home, but then again, he could be one of those creepy guys and I was on my own....

The bus slowed down outside a house, we were pretty much in the middle of no where.

" Don't think the boss will mind if I keep ya here o'er night, old bus, do ya?" the bus driver said

He had a strange accent and he looked a little peculiar.

Oh no.

I just realised.

The bus was finished, and he had parked up outside his house. This was the last stop.

He left the bus and locked the door, I watched as the chunky man plodded up to his small house. It really was all deserted. All there was, was the small house, a big yellow field and some trees.

Great, I was going to be stuck here all night. My phone had died, I had no money, I was about one hundred miles from home. Great. Great party.

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