The Party

" Acting young forever, means to live young, because you only live... once!"
Or so Kyra thinks.
Kyra is eighteen years old. Old enough for drinking. Old enough to move out of her parents house. Old enough to go in bed with a guy.
But Kyra doesn't want to grow up that much.
And when there is a party going on, best friend, Laila, is always invited, Kyra has to go to. Even though she knows that she will have to drink and go to a bedroom, she decides to go for Laila. But is the party all that? Will Kyra really have to grow up?


1. Lectures.

I was rudely awoken by a laughing sound. I managed to crawl out of bed and I pulled on my army coloured dressing gown. Outside my bedroom door was my Mum's grandchildren, my nephew and niece, Peter and Georgia. They were pressing random buttons on a little remote and laughing after a sound came up.

" Guys, can you not see I was trying to sleep, go and play your games somewhere else, please?" I asked.

Georgia shot me a glance. " No, granny said we had to play in the living room, and as you can see, we are in the living room," she said.

I had forgotten my bedroom door was in the living room. Great. I wish I had chosen the room at the furthest point of the house, Mum wouldn't let me now, would she.

That wasn't a question, I knew the answer.

" Okay, well just keep it down, okay, or I'm going to tell your Mother about smashing grannies pot," I threatened.

I was seventeen, in a few days I would be turning eighteen, but the problem was, also in a few days was a party. The hottest party. Brandon's party. If you weren't invited to that, you didn't have a social life, that was it.

Georgia and Peter scattered after I had threatened to tell my Sister. It is really unbelievable how I'm nearly twenty two and Dawn is nearly twenty eight. That's why Mum is like sixty or something.

I crawled back into bed after being awakened and I pulled the covers over my head. The light from the early morning sun shown through the window and through the thin cream blind, showering the room in a golden colour. I would go back to sleep, and dream about Brandon. About his party. About...

It was now time for me to wake up again. It was one in the afternoon and I had to get up to get ready for Mum's stupid friends party. I knew it wasn't going to be a fun party. I knew it would be a boring party crammed with old people with tea and finger foods, like a three- year- old's party.

I didn't want to go, at all, but I was forced to. Mum, Dawn and I were set to arrive at three. I had two hours.

I pulled on some tights and a tight black skirt, then I rumaged through my drawers and found a blue-y coloured top that I just managed to pull on,and finally I found a black cardigan that went with my black heels and I pulled them on too.

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