The Party

" Acting young forever, means to live young, because you only live... once!"
Or so Kyra thinks.
Kyra is eighteen years old. Old enough for drinking. Old enough to move out of her parents house. Old enough to go in bed with a guy.
But Kyra doesn't want to grow up that much.
And when there is a party going on, best friend, Laila, is always invited, Kyra has to go to. Even though she knows that she will have to drink and go to a bedroom, she decides to go for Laila. But is the party all that? Will Kyra really have to grow up?


5. hospital

I woke up in a big, white room.

" Where am I? This is what Heaven looks like...?" I said.

" No, sweetie, you've been hallucinating all night!" said a lady lying in another bed next to me.

" Yes, we couldn't get any sleep! You hallucinating about stupid teenagers and buses? My God, girl, you have some cheek," said another one.

" You never mind her!" said the first lady to me. " She's just grumpy because she's an old woman and your a wonderful young lady! It wasn't too bad, honey, just a little bit loud.."

The first lady was much nicer than the second. They both looked about eighty.

There was the two of them, a little girl and a woman about my age in the room with me.

" Where am I?" I asked.

" Hospital, with us!" said the little girl.

" Aw, thank you sweetie," I said.

" Sweetie? Jeez, grandma..." the little girl said.

I was sitting there with a shocked look on my face. What was wrong with this room? I turned my attention to the girl my age, maybe she was normal? Haha..

" Hello, I'm Rachel," I said.

(Wow, I just realised I hadn't told you guys my name, I'm Rachel by the way.)

The girl shot me a glance.

" Rachel? That nay- nay is so totes last year babes! It's totes redic, I mean what was goin' through your parents mem- brain?" she replied.

I sat there with my head tilted to the side, and scrunched my forehead.

( If anyone didn't know what that meant, I'm pretty sure it means: Rachel? That name is so totally last year baby! It totally rediculous, I mean what was going through your parents head?)

I made up a little check- list in my head.

Kind, old grandma? Check.

Mean, grumpy oldie? Check.

Strange, mean, not-really-a-little-girl-at-all little girl? Check.

Quick- talking, try- hard, weird girl? Double check.


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