The Party

" Acting young forever, means to live young, because you only live... once!"
Or so Kyra thinks.
Kyra is eighteen years old. Old enough for drinking. Old enough to move out of her parents house. Old enough to go in bed with a guy.
But Kyra doesn't want to grow up that much.
And when there is a party going on, best friend, Laila, is always invited, Kyra has to go to. Even though she knows that she will have to drink and go to a bedroom, she decides to go for Laila. But is the party all that? Will Kyra really have to grow up?


3. Bus Night

My neck kills.

I am so sore.

Scariest and worst night of my life.

Last night..

After the man had plodded away, I had watched out the dirty windows at all the sheep in the fields, wondering if I could live off of eating them if I couldn't get home. Ew, no.

I had watched the sheep for two hours when my watch read the time was nearly two. I was so tired from the party if I was being honest and I curled up in one of the seats to go to sleep. I was really uncomfortable so I left the little seat and I sprawled out across the five back seats. I had managed to sleep for about ten minutes when I heard a car, I jumped up and started battering on the windows, seeing if the people could help me, it might have been Mum, I thought.

But when I looked out the bus window it wasn't what I had been hoping for.

There was a huge group of teenagers, girls and boys, and they didn't look very friendly. They look as if they were about nineteen. Just younger than me. I had knocked still and they looked up. There was a car, but it passed quickly as if frightened by the group.

I wish I hadn't knocked.

The teenagers approached the bus and started pushing it.

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