Perfect Summer...?

This is for the 1D competition :)


2. Waking Up

Instead of being woken up by my glorious alarm of One Direction "Everything About You", I was brutally woken by my little sister, sitting on my belly, shaking my shoulders, and shouting, "Keh-ris! Hurry up and get your lazy butt off the beh-ed!"

I groan loudly, pulling the duvet over my tired face. She stands up, still on me, and falls viciously.

"OW!!!" I scream in pain. Have you ever had a super-heavy-6-year-old jumping on top of you!? Trust me, you don't want to...

"Get the hell off me!" I shout at her.

"Only if you promise to get up"

"Fine! But you have to get out of my room!" I have a plan. Naive little girl! She skips out of my room (which is usually locked at night, so I haven't the slightest idea of how on earth she managed to get in!), and I, once again, fall into a deep sleep...

I dream of Harry Styles. As always. Some people call me obsessed. I have to admit, I'm not a perfectly normal teenager...

I finally get up, and drag myself to my own private bathroom (I'm the only bathroom-user on the top floor of our house! My little sis has a room next to me, but she's scared of "ghosts", so everytime she needs the bathroom, she runs full speed downstairs to our mum's room, drags her out of bed, and they both go to the bottom floor bathroom. Sad.) I wash off the remainings of my make-up off, and attempt to brush my hair. It's long, blonde, and terribly messy. I sigh, not being able to take out any of the millions of knots, and spray my whole head with conditioner. That does the trick. I brush until my wrist hurts, and finally I decide to give up and tie my hair into knotty bun.

I run into my room before my annoying clone does, and lock the door. Phew!  I throw myself onto the mega-comfy bed, and try to figure out what to wear. I grab a pair of tatted skinny jeans, and my favourite hoody. I was in the middle of doing my make-up, when the stinking doorbell rang. I jumped, making a big, black mascara smudge under my eye. Great. I stomped downstairs to open the door.

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