Perfect Summer...?

This is for the 1D competition :)


3. Shock

"WHAT!?" I screamed, not yet knowing who at.

"Oh, erm, sorry Kris" went a male voice I recognised staraight away. I had my eyes closed, but I could tell he was smiling at my smudge of mascara.

"Hi John. What you got?" Ooops. I've screamed at the post man...

"Okay, well... there are these bills for your mother..." he handed me three envelopes, which I carelessly threw on the floor beneath me.

"And I guess this one's for your gran..." I scowled. I near managed to forget about the old lady living with us. My mum's mum. She just lies in bed all day, sleeping and ringing her special bell for when she need someone to help her get to the loo. Urgh... I threw this one on the floor, too.

"Anything for me?" I gave him a sarcastic smile. Obviously not. I doubt that I ever even got a letter in my entire life! Suprisingly, I was wrong!

"Actually, yes, there is!" he handed me a light blue envelope, which, for a change, I did not throw.I just gaped at it.

"See you..." I muttered, closing the door in John's face. I leaned against the it, slowly and farefully studying my envelope.

Kristina Thomas

14 Abbey Road


Wow, not a mistake after all! I turned it around:

Movellas Writing Community

That is all I managed to read before letting the paper drop from my hands. I stared into space, and my mouth formed a perfect 'O' shape. This has to mean... It means I... No, it can't possibly be... Can it?

I bent down all of a sudden to pick up my sacred letter. I ripped it open, and quickly skimmed through the writing:


You have WON our Summer Competition!

Your prize is meeting the boys of One Direction! Well done! Please read the terms and conditions below before continuing to the deatails page.

I read those sentences over and over again, because for some reason it wouldn't print itself insode my brain. And once again I let the paper drop. And I stood there. Motionless. Like a rock. Not moving a single muscle. All I could think was, "Oh, God. I've won. I've won a pass to make my dreams come true! A pass to meet my true celebrity crush, the most beautiful guy in the world! The guy I'm obsessed about and can't stop thinking about... I have won to meet Harry Styles. Oh, God. Breathe, Kris, breathe."

Until my mum walked in.

"Krissy! What on earth are you doing? Look at the mess you've made!" she said, pointing at the four letters scattered randomly around me. "Hello? Krissy, honey? Are you okay!?"

I woke up, "uh-huh..." I slowly handed her the folded piece of paper, still staring into the middle of nowhere.

I was again woken upfrom my daydream by an eerie scream. Sounded a bit like a bat, or something like that! I looked up, and dreaded that I didn't have a camera with me to record this! The most ridiculous scene I've evr witnessed! My mum, who, I have to say, is always a serious woman, was jumping hidiously up and down on the spot, screaming her head off and smiling like an idiot. I laughed, and, as silly as it sounds, joined her...

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