Perfect Summer...?

This is for the 1D competition :)


4. Help!

"Hello?" a tired voice greeted me. How do some people manage to sleep til midday!?

"Hi Becca. You will never guess what happened to me! I just got a letter from Movellas..."

"From who...?" she yawned at this point.

"Movellas! You know, that website where you write stories?" I rolled my eyes. It's hard to believe what sleeping for the whole day does to your brain!


"Well, I'VE WON A COMPETITION AND I'M GONNA GET TO MEET ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!" I screamed my head off at the phone, imagining her covering the receiver with the palm of her hand and pulling her eyebrows together.

"Oh, erm, okay... Bye..." she yawned again and hung up. Urgh! Gee, thanks, bestie! Okay, I know she doesn't like them as much as I do - correction: she absolutely hates One direction - but I was hoping to get some advice from this bedhead!

I mean, I REALLY needed help! My wardrobe was filled with nothing but tracksuit bottoms, loose hoodies, and shorts! How on earth would Harry react when he sees an 17-year-old wearing old trackies and a hodie, when he'd probably be wearing a suit or something!! Yes, I urgently needed to get help!

"Mummy...?" I asked in my most cute and innocent angel's voice.


"Can I have some pocket money...?" I started to flap my eyelashes.

She looks at me coldly, but then smiles and sighs. "You don't need any"

"But you don't kno"-

"Yes I do. It's for meeting those boys. And you wanna buy something to wear. Am I right?"

"How... How did you know!?" I was truly shocked. Is this woman pshycic or something!?

"I'm your mother. And mothers know everything." Yeah, sure! But when I was little, I used to believe that, actually. I tried my hardest not to think anything rude in case I get in trouble for thinking it! Hahaha...

"I think you have plenty of clothes..." And I think you have too much money and should give me some!!! I was tempted to say that. Istead, I tried plan A: begging.


"No Krissy."

"Whyyy nooot!?" nagging always works. At least it did with my dad...!

"No. Forget it!" she waved her hand at me, and turned to continue with making lunch.

Time for plan B: Erm... Okay, I didn't have a plan B. It never gets up to that point, so I never neede to think of one!

"Then what do you suggest?" I said, poking her in the chest.

"I knew you would ask that. Well, I will either help you pick something from you r own stuff, or you can pick something of mine! What do you think?" Oh, no, no, no! I will not be wearing some totally emabarassing piece of clothing form my emabarassing mum's wardrobe - no way!

"No thanks, mum. I just remebered - Heidi texted em last night about something important. Gotta go!" I lied, heading to my room. I threw myself on the bed, and buried my head in my hands. "Help!" I thought.


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