My Fantasy

Ashlyn, a normal girl goes to the fair with her friends, Lilly and Taylor, and they can't all go together.Ashlyn asks a curly haired boy to ride with her. They become friends, and she discovers that he is a singer in a famous British boy band.


12. Tommorrow.

I got up and looked around, I spent the night at Harrys. The floor was cold against my feet, I walked to the kitchen and poured myself some juice.  There was a note on the counter:

Good moring love,

Went out and got a coffee I will be back in awhile. I went to your flat and got you some clothes, see you in a bit!


I smiled and put the note in my pocket. I went over to the couch and found the clothes neatly in a pile on the table. I grabbed them and went upstairs, my phone went off.

Harry: Hey love coming back with the lads, see you soon!

I showered and did my hair. I put on makeup and got dressed, Harry picked out a sweater with white jeans. I laughed to myself, he knew what I liked to wear; it was adorable. After I was ready I went and sat in Harrys room. I looked around and found a photo on the floor. It was Harry with a girl, she was pretty and looked like his old girlfriend. He was younger like he was in high school still, I set it back down. I found some tickets and then something cought my attention. It was a strange picture, I picked it up and sat on the bed. The sides were bent, it looked pretty old. Her face was scribbled. Someone didn't want to see her face. She was happy in the photo and I didnt understand. Thats when I heard the door open. I quickly set the photo down and walked down stairs.  It was just Harry, he looked happy and I still had my mind on that girl. I tried to forget it but I just couldn't thats when it slipped out.

"Harry who's the girl you dated before me." He quickly turned around and stared at me. He was headed upstairs and walked back down.

"Her name was Sara..." He paused for a breiff second. "Why?" Then it was my turn to some how figure out how to say what was on my mind.

"Well, I found a picture of you and a girl and....." He stopped me and I got worried I had made him mad.

"You saw the picture, I um.... She and I dated threw high school and we broke up when I tried out for X Factor. She couldn't take the fame.." He looked sad, and depressed. I felt horrible that I had even brought it up.

"Harry I am sorry, I was just curious..I didnt know.." He grabbed me and held me tight.

"Don't, I have found the perfect girl for me." He gave a weak smile. I changed the subject.

"When are the guys coming over?" He looked at me and laughed and hugged me tight.

"What?" I held back a grin. He was to cute to be mad at.

"You, caring about when the lads are coming over." He smiled and laughed.

"Later tonight." I laid my head in his shoulder.

"You were gone all morning so all afternoon your mine curly." I laughed and he pushed me down on the couch and looked down at me. He smiled and pressed his warm lips against mine. I grabbed him by the waist and pulled him close.

"Harry..." He leaned in and listened. "Guess what?"  He grined and I tried to keep a straight face.

"What?" He tickled my stomach.

"Stop I am trying to tell you something!" He stopped and laughed softly.

"Can we do something after the boys leave?" I sat up and checked my phone.

"I had something planned for later.." He looked up at me and kissed my cheek. I giggled and laid in his arms.

"Ok it's a date!" He waved his arms and screamed. I laughed and snuggled closer to him.

"Ha, yeah it is... You lucky boy going out on a date with me." He smiles and we laid on the couch together.

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