My Fantasy

Ashlyn, a normal girl goes to the fair with her friends, Lilly and Taylor, and they can't all go together.Ashlyn asks a curly haired boy to ride with her. They become friends, and she discovers that he is a singer in a famous British boy band.


3. The Fair.

"So what do wanna ride first?" Harry asks me.
"I don't know, what do you wanna ride?" I ask.
"How about the Ferris-wheel?" He said in his adorable British accent.
"Let's do it!" I said happy that he chose the ride.
"Good, let's get in line." He tells me.
We get in line, and he stands there smiling at me. I smile back and we get on the ride.
"It's kind of cold up here." I say, we were at the top. He was looking around at the bottom.
"Here." He says wrapping his arms around me making me feel safe, and warm.
"Better?" He asks.
"Much better." I say smiling.
He stares into my eyes and I look into his green eyes, getting lost in them instantly.
He kisses me on the forehead and I giggle. So I kiss him back on the cheek. We went on tons of rides, which I screamed on most of. Then we headed over to the Zipper before leaving for lunch.
"Remember the first time I rode this?" I ask Harry.
"Yes, and you kept your promise." He told me smiling.
"I don't this time, I wanted to scream so bad, but you holding my hand I just couldn't." I say giggling.
"Aw that's so sweet, I nearly screamed to." He said laughing.
"Well now we can scream together." I laugh and we get in.
I look at him while we start going and say "Here we go!" while smiling.
"Hold my hand!" He yells through all the screaming.
Then we hold hands,and we stop in the top. He looks into my eyes and I stare into his when he leans over and kisses me.

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