My Fantasy

Ashlyn, a normal girl goes to the fair with her friends, Lilly and Taylor, and they can't all go together.Ashlyn asks a curly haired boy to ride with her. They become friends, and she discovers that he is a singer in a famous British boy band.


5. My Room.

"Are you tired love?" Harry asks me.
"A little bit, how about you?" I answer.
"I am too, do you want me to drive you home?" Harry suggests.
"Sure, let's go before I fall asleep on you." I say smiling.
"Alright let's go." He says before opening the door for me. We take the elevator down to the lobby.
"I had an amazing time with you today." Harry says making me blush.
"I had fun today to, you make every moment fun for me." I say back making him smile.
We walk in the parking lot to find Harrys car. He opens the door for me, so I complement him.
"Aw, Harry your so sweet." I say kissing him on the cheek.
"How can I not be, your so beautiful." He says then kisses me.
We get to my hotel room, and I open the door and throw myself on the bed. Lily was staying with Taylor tonight. Harry lays down next to me. He wraps his arm around me, and stares into my eyes. I shift around until I am confortable on his chest. We were watching a movie.
"Do you just want to stay here for the night?" I ask Harry.
"Sure, if you want." He says in a sleepy voice.
"Of course I want you to!" I say with a smirk on my face.
"Alright I'll stay." He answers, making me happy.
"Yay!" I say glad I won.
I close my eyes trying to fall asleep, when Harry kisses my forehead.
"Good-night love." He says in his adorable accent, before I fall asleep.
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