My Fantasy

Ashlyn, a normal girl goes to the fair with her friends, Lilly and Taylor, and they can't all go together.Ashlyn asks a curly haired boy to ride with her. They become friends, and she discovers that he is a singer in a famous British boy band.


6. Morning.

"Its about time you woke up." Harry sweetly kisses me on the forehead, making me smile.

"Sorry, what time is it?" I ask, remembering I had  left my make up on.  I check myself in the mirror. I try to take some of the smeared mascara off my face.

"I must look horrible." I start heading toward the bathroom, I take all of my masscara off and wash my face.

"Theres my beautiful girlfriend I thought I would never see her again." He makes me smile, I give a fake laugh.

"Hahaha very funny." I  push him when he starts to laugh.

"Wait, does that mean I am your girlfriend?" "If you want to be?" He says making me blush. I was so excited, I never thought I would have ever known, or date Harry Styles. But I am glad I did.

"So what do you want for breakfeast?" Harry asks me.

"I'm not sure, what are you thinking of?" I ask  giving a smile.

"Anything you want." Harry was making me giggle.

"How about  some pancakes, I love them!" I smile running into the kitchen. Harry follows me and we start flipping pancakes.

"What do you want to do today?" I ask atmepting to flip a pancake. He laughs and gives me a kiss.

"How about we  go to the beach?" He asks smiling.

"Sound great! Can you surf?" I ask making him laugh.

"Yes I can, how about you?" He asks me when I shruge and give him a laugh.

"Of course I cant silly! But you could teach me." I push him and he chases me until he gets me. Then he gives me a kiss.

"Sure if I get one thing." I give him a questioning look.

"Oh well, what is that?" I say smiling.

"I would like a walk on the beach, are you up to it." He gives me a kiss.

"Sounds fun." I hug him, and go get ready.

We get to the beach and I run to the water. I lay my towel out and put my sunglasses on.  Harry walks up to me and we go to the water. He spalshes me and I scream.

"Stop Harry thats cold!" I splash him back.

"Hey if I cant you cant either." He smiles.

"Try and catch me!" I yell after running around in the sand. After he catches me we lay down.

"I really had fun today Ashlyn."

"Aw Harry I had fun today with you, I  am really glad I met you."

"I know that we have only know each other for only a week, but I really like you Ashlyn." Harry says to me making me blush.

"I really like you to Harry, I am glad we met." He smiles and kisses me. It was a long, romantic kiss.

"So you still owe me that walk on the beach." He smiles.

"Lets go." I say when he kisses me on the forehead.

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