My Fantasy

Ashlyn, a normal girl goes to the fair with her friends, Lilly and Taylor, and they can't all go together.Ashlyn asks a curly haired boy to ride with her. They become friends, and she discovers that he is a singer in a famous British boy band.


2. Getting Ready.

The ride was so much fun with Harry. We spent the rest of the night together. He asked me if I could come back tomorrow and possibly go get lunch. I gave him my number and found my friends and we said our goodbyes.
"How was the ride?" Lily said with a grin on her face.
"It was great thank you for asking." I say trying not to laugh.
"What else did you guys do? You were gone for more than one ride?" Lily asked me
"We went on a few other rides together." I say satisfied with my answer.
Taylor and Lily laugh together then I join in.
We get home and my feet are killing me. Then I check my messages. I had one new message from Harry.
Harry: So lunch tomorrow?
Me: Yes of course what time?
Harry: I'll pick you up tomorrow at 12 if that's ok?
Me: Perfect.
Harry: Great see you tomorrow. Good night.
Me: Good night Harry.
After saying bye to Harry I threw my phone on the bed and fell asleep.
I wake up to my phone buzzing next to my head. I had 2 messages from Harry.
Harry: Good morning beautiful
Harry: Can't wait for this afternoon.
Me: Neither can I, and good morning
I check the time on my phone. It's 11:30, I rush to the bathroom to shower. I get out and dry my hair, and straiten it. Then I put some black masscara, and sparkles on my eyes. I hear my phone go off, and run down the stairs of the hotel I am staying at.
Harry is downstairs in the lobby waiting for me.
"Hello beautiful." He says in his accent which makes me smile.
"Hello Harry." I say smiling.
"Where do you want to go first?" He asks me.
"The Car?" I say sarcasticly.
"Why of course." He says laughing.
"Where to after that." He asks.
"Why not the fair?" I say laughing.
"Sounds good to me." He says makeing me smile because of his amazing accent.
He opens the door for me like a gentleman. I blush at him, and he gives me a smile back.

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