Introduction to aple

This movella is not a story it is an advertisement for my stories.


3. Untitled Series

I have always enjoyed television shows about teenagers. It's always so interesting to see teens taking chances and living life because it's so much different than my own life. While I enjoy these shows they also make me feel like my life is boring. That is one reason I have created this untitled series. The series does revolve around teenagers taking chances, but the outcome will not be nearly as fortunate as it usually is in television. This series will hopefully make you feel good about you're life and encourage you to keep it that way. This series will show you the effects of decisions made in adolescents. It is inspired by all of the people that I have seen who do things such as drugs or drinking and driving. It will be a very dramatic series and I hope you will find it interesting and exciting. It will involve things such as: drugs, gangs, and prostitution.
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