Introduction to aple

This movella is not a story it is an advertisement for my stories.


2. The Residents

The Residents is a supernatural drama series that I am currently working on. It is basically about the residents of a small Californian town  that has been taken over by the supernatural and a group of young people assisted by an angel attempt to stop the forces of darkness as they help each other with problems of the typical teen. I  am aware that this series sounds much like a rip off of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and it will begin in a similar style but I plan to take the story in a completely different direction. I will do my best to add more mystery and shocking moments to separate it from Buffy. I have already released a rough draft of my fist story, but I will be editing and changing things in order to make the story better. With this series I plan to make you cry and laugh. To terrify, and shock you and also to keep you guessing.
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