Introduction to aple

This movella is not a story it is an advertisement for my stories.


1. Introduction

Hello I'm aple. This movella is not a story, but an introduction to me an my stories. I encourage you to continue reading and comment which story you are looking forward to reading most. There are currently four series's of story's I am currently working on. I must confess that I have never been a big reader. For as long as I can remember television has been my passion. I have always been amazed how a show could take me into a whole nother world for an hour a week. However i have recently discovered books can also capture that magic. That is why my series' will be released weekly on specific days and times. I will release about 13-22 books a year (depending on popularity) for each series and take a break during the summer. I look forward to reading you're stories and hope you will read mine and give honest feedback only. Do not spare my feelings if you do not like the story. I will gladly read you're story or story's if you ask me, if you will read mine. I would like to someday create or write TV. but I know very little of that profession and for now I will just right movellas. If my writing skills prove me to be a dumb kid with a dream, I would like to know that.
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