dragon of ashby

abigail sparks is the last in a long line of brave dragon slayers.


2. abigail sparks

abigail sparks  is the very last of a long line of dragon slayers. there is only one

thing diffrent about her she hated to slay dragons so she just didnt slay them.

she liked dragons so much she even has her own pet dragon called ember. ember

is dark dark red in colour and breaths fiery fire, but the only strange thing about

ember is the fact that altough she is a dragon she is a permernate

vegetarian.abigail is a bit diffrent from all the other dragon slayer princesses

because she has big bright red hair with yellow streaks. she also doesnt wear the

same stuff because she wears trousers and baggy shirts, all the other dragon

slayer girls wore dress things. abigail and ember had been born at the same time

and had become best friends. everyone said that the friendship wouldnt work

because they all thought ember would eat abigail, but as the years went by ember

had lost the taste in meat and all together stopped eating meat so she became a

vegetarian. abigail on the other hand eats just like a normal person meat and

vegetables. enough about the characters and more about the story anyway there

is a dragon killing people and wreaking the town... 

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