dragon of ashby

abigail sparks is the last in a long line of brave dragon slayers.


3. a dragon friend for ember

abigail went foward to were the dragon was circling and stopped. ember flew up

to bring the other dragon down. once the drago was down it stayed down abigail

was a magic person so was all the other dragon slayers. so abilgail started to talk

to the dragon and the dragon made a noise as if it was talking back to her.

everyone was watching as she spoke to the dagon but they were all watching from

the saftey of thier homes. ember had agreed to help the dragon in what ever it

needed. so the dragon (who were going to call ned) told ember what it wanted and

abigail and ember were shocked because all ned wanted was a friend to be able

to play with so ember said she would be his friend. as ember went away with

abigail, ned went right back to where he came from to tell all his other dragon

family and his familys friends about his new friend ember. a soon as ember and

abigal got back they ate their tea and went to bed waiting for the next day...

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