dragon of ashby

abigail sparks is the last in a long line of brave dragon slayers.


1. the comeing of the dragon

the dragon first appeared as a dot in the sky above ashby water, like a wisp of ash in the grey clouds of smoke hanging over the town. at first everyone was too busy to notice it. but then the dot started circling, growing bigger and bigger until people stopped in the streets and pointed upwards. the orphanage children marching around thier exercise yard broke ranks and started yelling. old ladies ran into thier houses and shut the doors. the dragon swooped over the ashby grommet factory, the dirty river and filthfy streets, and the black church with the nailed-up door. fire blasted from its nostrils, sending people running and screaming for thier lives.it burned the jagged flag flying from the top of ashby castle and clipped the weathervane on the town all with its wingtip. then it settled on the scrap eap outside the grommet factory, brething fire and beating its wings in a fiery crimson blur until the cathes melted on the windows and the great iron factory gates glowed red hot, like a gigantic dridiron.

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