That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


7. Wacky Gas

Chapter Seven - Wacky Gas






They all stayed until eight and then Mum decided that she had to leave because of a work issue and she had to be up early in the morning or something. Drew and Hannah went back to our house at half past eight because of school the next day and Dad called in work to take one of his paid sick days so he could stay the night.


Max was still here, I still couldn't rack my brain at why he hadn't left yet or why he hadn't complained at all. I didn't know what he was doing yet so I didn't dare comment.


Just then, the doctor walked in. I simply smiled at him and he returned the gesture.


"What’s up Ray?" I said casually.


"Nothing much, just some more news," he looked a little worried but then he regained his professional image.


"What else’s is wrong?" my dad assumed.


"Whilst we keep you in overnight I'm going to put you under a stronger aesthetic and it will make you, let's say, have diarrhoea of the mouth. You won't be able to control what comes out of your mouth or understand most of it," he explained. Ooohh! This could be fun.


"So basically you’re hooking her up too wacky gas?" Max guessed from his chair. It sounded more like a statement.


"If you want to put it that way, yes," I smiled at this revelation.


"Thanks Doc, ooohh and one little question. Is there a camera in here? Like a security camera or something?" I asked pointing to him.


"Yeah, there's one in the ceiling corner. Why might you ask?"


"Because after you put me on that gassy stuff, I want to see what I'm like whilst hooked up on meds," I smiled excitedly. Dad and Max just looked at me like I was crazy, I got that look before. I'm used to it.


"Should I be worried?" Ray asked Max and Dad.


"Just wait until she’s hooked up on those meds, then you might be worried," Dad responded back.


Ray exited the room and it went back to just being me, Dad and Max. It was a little awkward and quiet. Max was on the last few chapters of Catching Fire, sat in the same armchair he has been for the last four or five hours on my right. And Dad was reading his book title The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger. He was almost done but he had a spare.


I was just sat on the bed, with a book closed beside me. Engulfed in an awkward silence where no-one is saying anything and you could probably hear a pin drop as you entered the room. I rolled over to my left to check the clock that was hanging on the wall. It read nine pm, and I still don’t know when Ray's drugging my up on wacky gas.


- -




"Can you just remind me why you’re doing this again?" I irritate idly asked the nurse for about the thousandth time in the past hour.


"Because if you roll over onto your foot weirdly in the middle of the night then you'll be in sheer pain. But with this medicine in you system, your body will ignore the pain and you can get a good night’s sleep," he explained, whilst jabbing a needle into my arm that was attached to a drip.


"That's a long explanation for you just to say, it'll help you sleep," I confirmed back. He just shrugged.


It was now nine thirty and Max was officially staying all night, even though Dad said that he could go home and get some rest. But he refused to go and has stayed by my side. Doctor Henley was just hooking me up to the wacky gas I'm going to be on for the rest of the night.




"You'll be fine in the morning, but as soon as I put you on the medicine, you'll be loopy until you pass out," he said that like that's a good thing. Smiling, I was worried now.


"Pass out? How strong is this gas?" I asked shocked.


"Strong," he bluntly replied. I just rolled my eyes and let him stab me with needles until he found a vein to tap. After a few holes made in my arm, I was getting ready to be drugged up by the trainee nurse. If something goes wrong, I'm haunting her first.


"Should I have any last words just in case this goes horribly wrong?" I announced as they turned the pressure up and I had a mask put over my face.


"Just close your eyes and inhale," Ray instructed me. I just shut my eyes and then everything went fuzzy.




- -






Danielle closed her eyes and looked like she was going sleep. Me and her dad just stood the left of her as the doctors and nurse were on the right hand side. I peered over to her Dad who was looking protectively over Danielle just in case anything went wrong.


"She will wake up in about five minutes, in the meantime, please don't touch her or something may go wrong," Doctor Henley declared and then left the room with the trainee nurse in tow. Who might I say has a smoking hot body!


They'd cleared the space where the equipment was and my arm-chair that I'd been sat in before had been returned to its spot. I walked back over to my chair, it's now my chair, and I checked my phone for any missed calls or messages.


Three messages and a missed call. One message from Mum saying the usual 'Are you okay? Do you need anything?’ I'd rang her earlier when I went to get food to tell her I was here with a friend. She completely went overboard when I said that I was here with a girl. She started going on about how we'd make a cute couple and that our babies would be beautiful. Even though she doesn't know what Danielle looks like or who she is.


There was a missed text message from... Katie Patterson. This girl is persistent and I just deleted the text from her. I checked the missed call and it was from Katie as well. I think I'm changing it from persistent to desperate. I won't bother calling her back either, sure she's got a good body but she nags a lot too. Over the past month or so she has kept calling and messaging me, asking me to go out with her and to do things with her.


I don't like her in that way though. The only reason she's being like this is because I said that I would act like her boyfriend for a party to make an ex-boyfriend jealous. But ever since I kissed her at the party to make her ex jealous, she's been hung up on me and won't take no for an answer.


The other message was from Thomas Gooding. Only about the party next Wednesday to check that I was going. Even though his parties are infamous for the involvement of the police, they are the best parties of the year. No one can out do him on that.


I looked over to my left and saw that Danielle was still out cold and her Dad was reading The Catcher in the Rye, he's almost finished it too. He looked like the sorts of guy who can be strict when he wants to be but can also have a joke too. Not too serious.


Her Mum on the other hand, she seems like she cares but not as much as she should or could. She seems so serious, proper and formal all of the time. Just like she's not the sort of lady who lets her hair down or hangs loose, like ever.


I noticed that Danielle was beginning to stir and move a little, her dad noticed it too. We both sat up in our chairs immediately and were close to her just in case something went wrong.


"Should we get the doctor just in case?" I asked hesitantly.


"Yeah, just in case. I'll go and get him," he rushed out the room to get Doctor Henley. I didn't like that guy to begin with; he wouldn't see Danielle as soon as we got there. He said there was a woman who wanted a glass of water with a paracetamol tablet that was more important. That's what really bugged me.


Her dad and three other people rushed into the room, crowding round Danielle and I just backed away to let the professionals do their jobs. I saw her flick open her eyes from where I was stood and everyone relaxed.


"She's fine, she'll start to talk a lot, she might repeat some sentences or questions and she'll mostly likely not remember what she's says afterwards," Ray claimed. Then he and the other two nurses left the room quietly and calmly.


It was a little silent for a bit, she scrambled away to try and get in a upright position, which she achieved after help from her dad. I just sat there, not knowing what to do.


"Danielle? Can you hear and understand me?" he dad asked in a calm voice. She looked a bit lost and confused at the question.


"Where am I?" she asked dumfounded.


"We're in a hospital," I replied quickly.


"No we're not," she defended, looking back at both of us like we're stupid.


"Yeah, we're in England. You know, in Europe," I confirmed.


"No we're not, silly," Danielle slurred back as a reply.


"Okay then, where are we?" her dad interjected. There was a pause as she was thinking of an answer.


"Hogwarts, we're in Hogwarts," she answered. I looked at her with my mouth open a little; she hasn't got diarrhoea of the mouth. She's just lost it.


"Hogwarts? Really?" Mr Beau expressed.


"Yeah..." she started, but I knew something else was coming. “I’m a wizard... I'M A WIZARD!!" she imagined whilst pointing to herself. I couldn't help it and let out a little laugh and so did her Dad, she really has gone insane.


"I feel a bit confused," I claimed. Danielle then sung her arms round to me and grabbed my face in between her hands. She leaned in and squinted her eyes to see well.


"Me too, why do I feel like a penguin?" she asked as she let go of my face and crossed her arms over her chest.


"A penguin? I thought you were a wizard?" he dad leaned back in his chair.


"I am silly! I'm a blue penguin with a cape, a talking hat and a wand that goes, 'WOOOOOOOOOOOO '," she waved her hands about when making the noise about the wand.


"Ray put you on special medicine that made you like this," I spread out the words so she could understand better.


"This is Ray's fault?" she answered back. I and her dad just nodded.


"Yeah sweetie, you just got to get some rest so you can go home tomorrow," her dad picked up the blanket that the nurse had put on the table and gave it to her.


"No! We got to get back, WE GOTTA GET REVENGE!!" she exclaimed and you could hear people outside the door rush past a little faster than they maybe should have.


"What are you going to do with a sprained ankle? How you going to get 'revenge'," I did bunny ears next to 'revenge'. She put her hand up in a fist and waved it around in some sort of weird circle and bobbed her head back and forward.


"With my lightsabre," she confirmed. Sitting there with her imaginary lightsabre making all the noises out of star wars.


"Sweetie, there's no lightsabre. You need to get some sleep," her dad stressed to her, lowering her hand at the same time.


"Don't mock the force! And there's always Gandalf’s magic stick thingy," she breathed out almost incomprehensibly. I just snort at her imagination, she could say anything next. Then Doctor Henley entered the room with his clipboard and pen in hand.


"How are we doing in here?" he politely inquired.


"YOU SHALT NOT, PASS!!" Danielle pointed to Ray and shouted from her position. I couldn't keep it in a burst out laughing, her dad was a little shocked and the Doctor seemed weirded out by her proclamation.


Ray back slowly out the room and shut the door after he slid out. Danielle leaned back and smiled like a mad man, proud of her actions. I can't wait to see her reaction when she watches this back on tape tomorrow.


Then it was silent, but not for long. There was just an outburst of laughter to the left of me as Danielle was sat there is hysterics. I looked towards Mr Beau and he was just as confused as I was. She noticed us looking back at her and laughed even harder.


"Look at them!!" she exclaimed. She was acting like a little school girl.


"And we're looking at what exactly?" we asked in almost unison. Then she just pointed towards her feet.


"Them!" she pointed towards her feet again.


"Your toes?" I asked again. She grinned madly and wiggled her body funnily. I couldn't help but smile back at her.


"Yeah! Their so small and wiggly! It’s like fingers on your feet!!" she exclaimed. I really didn't know what was going to come out of her mouth next.




- -




Danielle FINALLY passed out after three hours of constant babbling about gummy bears and how hail stones and panda bears are the same. It was hilarious, her dad thought so too. We just played along to everything she was saying.


And there was a point where she was planning her revenge and she was ranting on about how much easier it would be if Harry Potter was here, but that he couldn't because he's the chosen one. That was just ONE of the funny moments in the last three hours.


It was just after one in the morning and I was still awake. I wanted to just sit next to Danielle and hold her hand to make sure she got through all of this. But Mr Beau was awake as well. And considering that I'm not her boyfriend, it would seem a little off.


He'd now finished his book and was onto another one called The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. I'd read it before and it's a good book and I'd also finished the second Hunger Games book and wanted to read the third and final one. But it was Danielle's, and she'd hidden it somewhere. It'd look a bit suspicious if I went round the room looking for a book that didn't belong to me.


I saw a sack of books on the coffee table and picked them up, hoping to god that there would be one worth reading in that pile. There were loads of great books, Alice in Wonderland, The Great Gatsby, ALL the Harry Potter books. Until one hardback caught my eye in particular. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.


I set all the other books down onto the table and started to read the book I'd chosen. I saw Danielle's dad peer over to me out of the corner of my eye. He just went back to reading his book intently.


"I'd never guess you'd be one to enjoy To Kill a Mockingbird," is all I heard escape his mouth.


"I've read it before but it's worth a second read, I'm quite drawn in by the character of Boo Radley," I commented back, trying to sound as smart as I could at the same time. It's true though, I have read it before and I did like Boo Radley's character.


"Oh, how so?" he asked folding over the page if his book and setting it down on his lap. I set mine down to.


"Because everyone is so afraid of him, but really he's a misunderstood, kind and gentle person. Everyone treats him like he's from another planet or like he's a different species to them, when he's really just a normal human being like everyone else," I shared my concept whilst trying to keep constant eye contact with him.


"You ever read The Hobbit?" he tried to interrogate me.


"Yes actually I have, and the film comes out soon too. I'm going to see it on opening night," I smiled back.


"And your thoughts?" he clasped his hands together and rested his chin on top.


"Absolutely amazing book, would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It the adventure and the tale of it too that just wraps you in to want to read more," I concluded.


"Interesting perspective...." he started.” Name?" he finished.


"Max sir, Max Bowman, Mr Beau," I held my hand out for him to shake it.


"Mr Beau is too formal, please, call me Adam," he shook my hand back and smiled.


We're on first name basis and we have certain things in common, at least he hasn't got a shotgun out like some girls Dad's or anything.



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