That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


9. Teddy Bear

Chapter Nine - Teddy Bear


"The Social Network?"






"Tempting, but no,"


"127 Hours?"


"Hell no,"


"How To Train Your Dragon then?" he asked.


"Do I look like I'm five years old?" I replied with sarcasm.


"Do you really want me to answer that?" he responded.


"Ha ha ha, your so funny aren't you," I remarked.


"You want me to answer that too?" I looked at him like he was crazy.


"Please don't make ME answer that dad," I verbalised back.


"Well then what film do you wanna watch?" we have been over this already.


"Do I really have to pick?"I groaned as a response.


"Yes, because whatever I picks gunna be wrong isn't it," he guessed.


"Yes and I want that one," I said pointing towards the DVD cabinet.


"This one?" he held up the DVD. White Chicks, funniest film ever.


I just nodded as a response and he slid the disc into the machine. Dad made his way over to the sofa to sit next to me.


I switched off the light as the film started.


I'd decided not to go to Zacks tonight. He still hasn't picked up his phone or returned any of my calls or text messages.


Everyone had gone out as well. Drew was taking Hannah out to the cinema and then Hannah was going back to her house for the night to try and patch things up with her mum. Drew wouldn't be back til late.


Mum was at a meeting and then she had a business dinner out of the city. So she won't be home until about midnight. Me and dad still don't trust her, so we didn't know what the heck she was actually doing.


So it was just me and Dad in the house tonight. We settled on watching films and begging out.


We'd ordered two large pizzas and we'd put maltesers, crisps and buiscuts into three seperate large bowls. Along with a six can pack of red bulls to go with it.


It was half way through the film when the door bell rang signalling that the pizzas were here. I would've asked dad to go and get the door but he'd gone to the shop to get me some more energy drink and chocolate.


"COMING!" I shouted towards the door. I picked myself up with little ease and tried to hobble towards the door.


I was in the hall on my way to the door when the delivery guy rang the door bell again. I deliberated weather or not to shout at him from where I was or to wait til I opened the door. I waited.


I lifted the latch on the door and swung it open, minding not to knock my foot in the process.


"If you'd just wait for me to...." I stopped as I stared at my pizza delivery guy.


"Well hello Danielle," he said from the doorway


"Hey Humpfrey," I replied and smiled at the same time.


"It's not Humpfrey, I already told you this," he strained. He was stood there with his red polo shirt, dark jeans and his red pizza hut cap.


"I know Derek, I'm just teasing you. I didn't know you worked two jobs," I expressed.


"Well you never asked, and shouldn't you have those crutches with you?" he asked looking towards my bandaged ankle.


"I heal quickly. Always have, always will," I admitted to him.


"Your one strange girl," he replied.


"Because I heal quickly?"


"No because A, you call people weird names without knowing them. And B, your funny tape of when Doctor Henley put you on that anestethic says enough," he responded.


"Cheers for that Derek," I judged.


"No problem and here's your pizzas," he said handing me the two big boxes of pizza and I went to set them down on the table in the hallway.


I pulled the money out of my back pocket and walked back over to the door, handing the money out towards Derek. He took it and shoved it into his pocket.


"I'll see you around Derek," I went to shut the door but he put his foot in the way and I opened it again.


I raised my eyebrows at him waiting for him to say what he had to.


"Danielle, can I ask you something? You know, personal?" he finally answered.


"Yeah sure, what's up?" I folded my arms over my chest and listened to him.


"You know Georgia right, the nurse at the hospital today," I nodded as a response and he carried on. "Are you friends with her?" he asked.


"Yeah I guess you could say we are friends, why'd you ask?" I added.


He rubbed the back of his neck and looked down to his shoes. He just shrugged a bit and peered back up to look a me.


"I just wanted to know, is she dating anyone at the moment?"he finally came out with.


I knew it! She liked him and he liked her but they didn't know each others feelings yet. N'awhh, this is so romantic and sappy.


"Nope, she's single. Why'd you ask?" I asked curiously. I was gonna get this little confession out of him.


"No reason, just wondered because you know. People these days, girls, they're dating guys and some are dating girls... Not saying that I think she's a lesbian because I think she's beautiful, I mean pretty. I mean shes alright.. I should stop talking right now," he started to ramble on a lot.


It's so obvious that he likes her, I can even see that he's beginning to sweat a little bit and he flustered a lot too.


"Ooooohh! Someones got a crush on Georgia!" I said in my sing song voice.


He just blushed and tried to hide it but he's doing a really bad job of it.


"Is it really that obvious?" he answered.


"Sweetie, let's put it this way. If I was on the moon, I could still see your crush from there," I declared.


"But I don't know if I should go for it or not, I don't even know if she likes me back or not," I stared back at him like he was stupid or something.


"Are you kidding me! Ask her out!" I practically shouted at him.


He looked a bit taken back by my answer but took it in none the less.


"Really? I don't wanna scare her off or make her uncomfortable," he awkwardly answered back.


"Seriously! This could be the future mother of your children and Mrs Derek Humpfrey!" I stressed to him.


"Whoa there, not thinking that far ahead yet. And it would be Mrs Derek Doyle anyway," he responded.


"Ooh! I can hear the wedding bells already!" I exclaimed.


"Just to the point, should I ask her out or not?" he was confused now.


"ASK HER OUT!" I spaced out so he'd get the message.


"Okay, cheers for the help Danielle," and with that he left.


"NO PROBLEM!" I shouted out towards him as he left on his little pizza hut logo-ed moped.


I shut the door behind me as I hobbled back into the living room to watch White Chicks. I checked the clock on the wall and saw it was only three in the afternoon.



Dad was back after about half an hour with more than just energy drinks. We proceeded to watch the last two Harry Potter films and then I decided to call it a night at eight thirty.


I made my way up to my room and had dad clean up my mess. We had a little 'disagreement' about the tidying up. But I won the archenemy by blaming my laziness all on my ankle and the fact that I needed to rest.


My dad knows that I heal quickly and that I normally take pain okay, but he still agreed to clean up my mess instead of making me do it.


Ahhhhh, I love my dad. As I said before, I am a TOTAL daddy's girl. I stopped being a mummy's girl when I hit the age of eight.


I found football, mum didn't like it and still wanted to put me in pretty dresses all the time. I went along with it until I was about twelve and then I stopped. I didn't wanna be a city socialite, all of our socialites are stuck up rich snobs who like to throw their money around and make sure that other people know of their wealth.


That's why me, Willa and Katie will NEVER get on. They're those types of girls who like to look down on people who have less money than them and they make them feel small and it's not right.


I made it to my bed and collapsed on top of it, pulling the covers up til I was warm enough. I picked up my phone that I'd left on my bedside table and saw a couple of new texts.


HANNAH - it's okay here at the moment, will text you if anything goes wrong xxxx


DREW - hey, will be back in about an hour... Just dropped Hannah off at her mums :)


MUM - hello, I will be be back at about eleven.. Conference finished early x


MAX - hope your feeling better and will see you soon ;)


See you soon? What the bloody hell does that mean?! That boy can be as weird as sausage and jelly a la mode. But then he can be as sweet as can be.


I checked through the texts but I saw that none of them were from Zack. I sighed, locked my phone and plonked it down on my bedside table.


Switching the lights off, I led my head back into my soft pillow whilst trying not to make my injured ankle uncomfortable.


And I drifted off into a deep slumber.


Flitted my eyes open and noticed some things unusual. One, I could hear no noise throughout the house. Two, there will a billion messages and missed calls on my phone and three, I was very awkwardly lying with my head hanging off the edge of the bed.


My legs were both leaning propped up against the wall and my arms spread out beside me. I tried to lean up so I could adjust myself but failed and flopped back to my awkward position.


"Drew!" I called out hoping he was asleep. My door was also mysteriously open as well, which was weird.


"DREW!" I now hollered out. I heard a groan come from his room but then silence.


"Can you go back to sleep, you were quieter that way," I heard from my dad who's called that from downstairs.


"Sorry!" I apologised and went back to getting Drew's attention.


"DREW CHRISTOPHER TENNISON BEAU!" I literally screamed towards his room.


There was nothing but a loud thud heard against the floor. I loved waking my brother up early ( I presume it's early ) in the morning. It's fun and entertaining.


His door slowly creaked open and he hung his head down and made his way over to my door. He looked exhausted and I just smiled as he sighed.


"What do you want?" I could tell that he was pissed at me by the tone of his voice.


"Hey," I stated like that was all I wanted him for.


"That it? Because I wanna go back to bed and away from you know, this," he motioned around me with his hands when he meant 'this'.


"Oh your too kind," I sarcastically remarked back. He shrugged and was making his way back to his room.


"Wait!" I shouted out. Drew stopped dead in his tracks and turned back around to make his way to my room.


"Seriously? Don't you and your bed have some relationship and you don't wanna leave or something?" he tried to guess.


"Yes, but that's not the point. I need you to help me up because I basically can't do it myself," I admitted and threw my hands up for him to help me up.


"And what do I gain out of this favour," he tried to get something out of me and it was probably gonna be money or something. But not this time.


"You help me up and I won't tell mum that her little golden boy dealt drugs one time to pay for her Christmas presents," I challenged him. I loved to play these sorts of games with him.


"Fine," he thrust his hands out to help me up and he did with ease. I was now sat up properly on my bed and my legs both safely down on the bed.


"Thank-you, much appreciated." I replied as a thank-you.


"No problem, and also Hannah isn't coming back tonight either by the way," he declared.


"Did it all go okay with her mum then?" I hoped for her sake it went well.


"So far so good, and her mum's boyfriend went away from some long drinking weekend out in London so he won't be back until Monday," he said.


"Cheers for the update, she probably text me but I haven't read it yet," I pointed over to my phone flashing constantly on the bed side table.


"Yeah probably, what you up to today with you broken foot? Is your lover coming over today?" he mocked me. I just scowled at him from my sitting position.


"No, Zack hasn't returned any of my calls or texts," I said sadly looking down at my hands.


I still haven't heard back from him but I quickly picked up my phone and scrolled downtown see if I had missed any calls or texts from him.


No messages. No calls. No nothing. Dad would be loving this, as I said before. He's not the biggest fan of him.


"I'm not on about Zack," I raised my eyebrows at him. "I mean Max, your bed buddy," he teased.


"He's not not lover and he's not my bed buddy either. He carried me to a hospital, and he stayed with me until I'd come out. He was just being sweet," I concluded.


Drew smirked back, he obviously didn't believe me. But I didn't care, I know what happened and about him so it doesn't matter what Drew thinks.


"Riii-ight," he stretched out the words, which beyond annoyed me.


"Your so annoying, and I'm on my own today.. Probably just gonna watch some t.v and pig out like I did last night." I affirmed.


Smiling as I re-thought about what me and dad did last night, and our argument about who cleans up the mess and he lost.


"I'll make you a deal, if you kept quiet about the one time drugs deal, then I'll sit through anything on t.v with you today," he made me an offer.


Better than being alone and to be honest, Drew's quite good company when he wants to be. Unless he's in a bad mood or unless the newsagents ran out of his favourite ice-cream.


"Why not, but you have no input to what we watch and you have to pay for food and drink. Deal?" I offered out my hand for him to shake it. He shook it but was a bit hesitant to begin with.


"Okay, I'm going back to bed because its only seven thirty in the morning. But we'll watch all you crap t.v when I get up," he stood up, stretched out his arms and his back and then made his way out of my room.


"By the way, how did you find out about the drugs thing?" he asked curiously.


"Drew, I'm best friends with you girlfriend. Do you really think that when she knows that sort of information that she's not gonna tell me. Take note, don't tell Hannah anything," I recommended.


"Note taken, considered and verified," he replies back rubbing his eyes too.


"I'm gonna get up it a bit anyway," I announced.


"I thought you had a special bond here?" he pointed and glanced towards my bed.


"Oh, we do. Me and my bed have a very special relationship, there's no commitment and we just sleep together every night," I said like it was the most normal comment in the whole world.


He made a little salute to me and then practically ran towards his room to sleep.



It turned out to be later than I thought when Drew finally got up midday and even then he's still complaining that he's tired and he wants to go back to bed.


But considering I have a little hold on him, he reunion with his bed will have to wait. I made him go out to the shop because I told him that we were out of food. Even though there was loads of food left and left over pizza from last night.


I hid it whilst he was asleep so he wouldn't find it and complain that he didn't need to go out for me. Also, there was a note left on the kitchen top saying that Drew had to help me as much as possible because I'm injured.


Dad had left really early this morning as well, he got called into work because one of the products he was putting money behind was having problems adjusting the formula or type?


I don't really get it so I don't ask questions.


I heard Drew come in and traipse through the hallway to where I was sat on the sofa. I looked down to his feet and saw that he was dragging four shopping bags per hand along on the floor.


"Bought the whole shop? Really, you shouldn't have," I tried to peer into the bags to see what he had bought but I couldn't make out some of the brands.


"I don't really wanna go out again if you get hungry and we can order pizza too," he huffed and sank down in the armchair next to me. Ooh! I can see Derek again and ask if he's asked out Georgia yet.


"Do we have to cook anything if we want to eat it?" I curiously stared at the heavy shopping bags that were settled below my feet.


"I got about four or five microwaveable chicken burgers and we might just put the bacon in there too," he sighed at me.


"Nice, your gonna have to sort put the food though because I don't recognise half of it," I admitted. Even though he looked absolutely exhausted, he got up and carried all of the bag through to the kitchen.


"And we're gonna watch The Big Bang Theory as well," I shouted through to the kitchen. I heard a little slip and a bang come from in the other room and laughed a little. He's so damn clumsy.



We ended up watching the whole of series three and four of The Big Bang Theory without a break. Well, we had bathroom breaks. And I found out that Drew had bought all the right food too.


I ordered pizza again but Derek didn't come this time, it was some guy called Danilo who came to the door. Maybe Derek's on a date with Georgia, you never know. That is until I see him next because I've injured another ligament or punctured a organ or something.


And knowing me, that won't be long. I give it two weeks until I'm in the hospital again.


I was tired, even though it was only ten. Drew had fallen asleep about five minutes ago. Hannah has decided to stay round her mums for another night because it went well between her and her mum today.


I flicked off the t.v and left the mess around the living room. There wasn't much of it, a few empty pizza boxes, a couple of plates and four or five drinks cans are scattered around the room as well.


Drew had been really sweet today, he kept asking me if I was okay and comfortable and offered to massage my bruised foot for me. It was really nice and we haven't hung out as just us two for ages as well.


Dad's not gonna be back for a good couple of hours because he's stuck in traffic in London. And Mum went out to our aunt Cheryl a few hours ago too, they've always been close. They share the same amount of sluttiness between them.


Aunt Cheryl has always been a slapped though and she acted like she was my age and like she fitted in with my sort of group as well. Never got on with her either because I'm apparently too 'plain' and 'boring' for her liking.


I dragged myself up the stairs, stumbling as I go. My eyes felt heavy and my knees started to give way.


I walked over to my room and pushed open the door, the creaking noise slightly annoying me. I heard shuffling from downstairs and assumed that Drew had probably woken up or that he was about to knock something over.


As if on cue, I heard the smash of a vase coming from the living room and a thud. He has a tendency to fall off things and break things around the house. Did I mention that he's also extremely clumsy?


My bedroom was a bit of a mess and I almost tripped over some of my clothes and the cable for my hair straightners.


Like the previous night, I collapsed on my bed no problem. I threw my phone onto the side. But then it vibrated, loudly.


I picked it up and saw Haliee's caller ID show up on the front screen. Haliee's one of my friends on the football team and outside of it too. And we've known each other since we were about seven.


I knew I was gonna regret it, but I picked up the phone regardless.


"Hello?" I groaned into the phone.


"Dee! What happened?!" be said using her nickname for me.


There's many other nicknames she used to call me, like Dandelion and Danno. But we agreed that we both like Dee the best overall and it's stuck.


"Hospital, bruised my foot, at home, am okay... And how are you?" I shortened everything down to the minimum speaking point.


"Oh my god, that's awful! And yeah I'm good.. I actually rang you to ask about something," she confirmed.


"Sure, go for it... What'd you need?" I replied.


"It's about the carnival in two weeks time on the Saturday and we have to run a stall if we wanna pass our business studies course," she carried on to say.


Damn! I'd been so preoccupied with everything else going on that I'd forgotten all about the carnival.


"Shoot! I forgot all about it and yes, you can pick which booth we do," I guessed. I heard a little squeal come from the other end of the phone and took it that she was excited.


"Thanks Dee! And it's me, you and Hannah in our group for the stall," she declared.


"Good, did I miss anything at school? Like at all?" I asked curiously. I was a curious George today.


"Nope, not much.. But I was surprised at Zack though," she answered.


"How so?"


"He just kept complaining that you weren't around yesterday and I said to him that you couldn't help it obviously because of your ankle and he just replied with the fact that you could at least put out last night... Does he not know about your injury?" she asked back.


Put out?! Seriously? Is that all he thinks about at the moment when he doesn't pick up his phone or even call round to see if I'm okay.


"I rang him loads on Thursday night and during yesterday day, he should at least know somethings up by now, has nobody told him?" I wondered, but out loud to Haliee.


"No, everyone assumed that he knew because he's your boyfriend and that he would just know... Sorry Dee, he's a jerk," she alledged. But I know it's true, I'm going out with a douchè bag.


"Tell me about it, his phone must be broken or something. I mean, that's one of the only explanations," I delivered.


"His phones fine, he had it out all day yesterday at school and afterwards too, and he also said to me at the end of the day to call you and say that he couldn't wait for your time together or something?!" she explained to me.


"I'll talk to him on Monday and see what hes like then," I replied.


"Do you want me to tell him if I see him before you do?" she asked.


"No, I'm gonna see if he knows when I ask him on Monday and I'm gonna see I he lies to me about his phone too," I outlined everything to her over the phone.


"Sounds good, we've got a business studies lesson on Friday, we'll discuss the carnival then. Night," and with that she hung up the phone.


I rested back onto the table beside me and plummeted my head down onto the pillow with force and then I was out like a light.



Sat on the sofa, I flicked through the channels on the t.v and there's literally nothing on. It was Sunday now, I went through the usual this morning.


I woke up like I did yesterday, arms and legs all over the place. Dad had to stay out overnight because of some new product that needs adjustments.


He got the call late last night and mum didn't come in as early as she thought. It's almost one in the afternoon and she was still in bed. I'm not gonna even ask what she was doing.


It also turned out that Hannah and her mum couldn't stay in the same house together for more than two days. Drew had to go and pick her up in the early hours of this morning.


It was about a fight with her mum, Ellen, asked her to move back in full time instead of staying rounds ours for four days of the week. Hannah said something about only if Ellen gets rid of her boyfriend. Of course she refused and that started a big row between the two.


But anyway, Drew and Hannah have gone out to the Zoo today to see a new thing. I can't pronounce the name to be very honest, it's some tropical name.


So, I'm on my own for all of today. Unless I ring up pizza hut to deliver and hope that Derek comes instead of that Danilo guy.


I also wanted to know if he was on a date with Georgia. Then I remembered. Before I left the hospital, me and Georgia exchanged numbers as we had become friends by then.


I dug through my pocket until I found my phone and pulled it out. I scrolled through my contacts until I found hers and pressed call.







"Hi, this is Georgia... Leave your message after the bell and I'll get back to you as soon as I can," I heard Georgia's voicemail message chirp.


I just hung up and I'll try again later, if I leave a message then I'll probably end up wittering on about nonsense and stuff.


I threw my phone down on the sofa but then realised that I'd thrown it so far that I now can't reach it. I tried as I stretch out my arms to grab it, but then my back started to hurt which made my legs feel funny. So I gave up because of frustration.


Then I heard three taps against the front door. Who comes here at one in the afternoon on a Sunday. Unless it's Drew who's back early because it's either raining or because he's forgotten his keys or phone.


I pulled myself up and tried to support my ankle but failed and fell back down onto the sofa. As I was getting up again there was another three knocks on the door.


"I'm coming!" I yelled towards the door. The tapping stopped and I took it as a sign that they'd heard me.


I limped badly out to the hall and made out that it was a male figure stood outside. I'm guessing Drew as Dad won't be back til later.


"Drew, I swear to god we have got to get you a..." I stopped mid sentence as I swung open the front door to reveal the person stood at my doorstep.


"Hey," he said, stood there with his hands behind his back and looked like he was hiding something.


"Well, your definitely not Drew," I just came out with.


"Nope, far from it and last time I checked I wasn't dating a bouncy blonde girl," he commented.


"Hey! That's my best friend, and when you said about seeing me soon I didn't think this soon," I replied.


"Sorry, and see you soon means see you soon... So I thought why not today," Max smirked knowing he was right.


"And you have something behind your back, is it edible?" I motioned towards his hands that were still placed behind his back.


"Yes, and no... Can I come in?" he asked politely. I nodded and moved out the way so he could step through the doorway and into the hall.


I shut the door behind him, walked back into the living room and sat down in my spot on the sofa.


"You gonna tell me what's hidden behind your back or am I gonna have to guess," I said to him as he sat down and put whatever he had behind his back behind him on the chair.


"It's for you," he pulled out one of the three objects behind him.


There, in his hand was a bouquet of beautiful red roses wrapped in a transparent plastic film. I took them as he held them out towards me. There was a card attached to the plastic film and I carefully ripped it off of the bouquet.






"Awwhh! I'm ignoring the kitten bit, but thank-you!" I exclaimed. I'd jump up and hug him but I'm comfortable in my spot.


"No problem and there's more," he revealed. I got a little excited and placed the flowers on the now cleaned up coffee table.


Drew or Mum (probably Drew) had cleaned up the whole living room so it was now spotless. I sat back pulling up the duvet that I'd brought down for warmth.


He stretched out his hand behind his back and pulled out a white box with and silvery gold ribbon tied round it in a bow. He shoved it towards me and I took it in my hands.


I almost hesitated to open it because if how beautifully it's wrapped. But I carefully unwrapped it and took off the lid to the white box. There was a box of chocolates lying inside the box and they were my favourites.


"How did you know?" I asked astounded slightly.


"I asked your dad what kinds of things you like and he said the simple but classic kind of things. Like roses, chocolates and...." he stopped to pull out the other thing from behind his back.


It was a teddy bear, sat down with it holding a big heart that says 'From Me To You'. I took that as well.


"I love it! And it's sooo sweet!" I squealed and jumped out of my seat and tripped over to land on him and envelope him in a big hug.


I move back to my seat and put all of my gifts from Max on the coffee table. I motioned him over to sit next to me on the double sofa and he walked over and plopped down beside me.


"Your welcome, it was my pleasure... You on your own today?" he asked.


"Yeah, Drew and Hannah have gone to the zoo, Dad's away for work purposes and Mum's upstairs with a probable migraine," I confirmed."You wanna stay over today? We can veg out like I've been doing for the last couple of days, sound good?" I offered to him.


"Yeah, sure... What we watching?"



I had decided what we were watching in the end after Max suggested watching football. So we were in the middle of season three of The Vampire Diaries. I was loving it, Max. Not so much.


"Isn't this a great programme!" I expressed to Max beside me.


"Honestly? No, it's a load of bull. It's all attractive teenagers running about trying not to get bitten because they all love each other?! I just don't get it," he explained. I stared at him open mouthed.


I took the pillow I was led against and hit him across the head with it. He held his head where I'd hit him and looked at me confused.


"What was that for?!"


"Don't you talk about them like that! The guys are hott!" I replied like I was the most obvious thing in the world.


"They're not that good looking," I heard him murmur.


I really wanted to hit him again for saying that but restrained myself. Does he forget that it's just my ankle that's non functional, not my arms.


"Yes they are, especially the guy who plays Damon, Stefan, Klaus, Kol, Jeremy, Matt.."


"Isn't that almost all of them," he butter in from my list making.


"And your point is?" I asked back.


"Nothing," he crossed his arms and slouched down a little bit.


Did I sense a little jealousy? He's jealous. Of guys off a t.v programme. Wow.


I kicked off an empty pizza box onto the floor and perched my feet onto the coffee table. We did end up pigging out big time, Max even went out and bought me a bucket of KFC.


When I say me, it was meant for both of us but I ate most of it. I called up the pizza place again and ordered more pizza and yet again I was disappointed.


It wasn't Derek as the delivery guy, it was that Danilo guy instead. I swear whenever they call out my address to have pizza delivered to mine, he runs and grabs the pizza to get here. Evidence to support that, he tried to flirt with me whilst I took the pizza.


I gave him his money but he put his foot by the door and tried out all these chat up lines on me. But he got most of them wrong and o just shut the door on him. That was whilst Max was out getting my, sorry, OUR KFC.


So I didn't have any back-up to get me out of the long (too long) conversation that I had to endure with Danilo. It's was painful, that's all I'm saying.


So now, me and Max are sat in my front room with an empty bucket of KFC, two empty pizza boxes and four empty two litre bottles of pepsi and tango.


And basically, it the last couple of days I haven't moved out of my house and I've eaten twice my own body weight in junk food. It's been a pretty good weekend.



It was now almost eight o'clock and Max went home about an hour ago. I had peeled myself off of the sofa and made my way upstairs to have a shower.


Drew and Hannah came back at six from the zoo, Hannah ha her face painted like a panda and Drew like a tiger. It was pretty funny as well. I took pictures that are now printed onto Facebook.


Mum came down a while ago to get something to eat and to get the post? But there's no post on Sunday so I don't know where that came from. She went out to get a paper though which is a plus.


Dad is coming back later on tonight as he missed his earlier train and he had to catch the later one. But he's got four days off this week instead of two because he worked over the weekend.


When Drew first came in he thought that I was with Zack but I think he was a little shocked to find out that it was Max instead of Zack.


Hannah knew that Drew was gonna end up making some joke it of me having Max here for most of the day. So naturally, as a best friend, she dragged Drew away from us into the kitchen to sort themselves out.


I had to clean up this time and had to throw away all of the pizza boxes, drinks cartons and cardboard KFC buckets.


My ankle was pretty much back to normal except that I can't moe it in certain ways yet. And I just have to adjust walking around alot opposed to resting it for long periods of time. And I'm probably gonna gain a load of weight as well considering that I can't play football for the next week, which I'm absolutely gutted about.


Now Katie's gonna take my place and screw it up for the rest of the team and it's all gonna be my fault cause I bruised my bloody ankle!


I took a long shower, changed into my pyjamas and dried my hair so it was full of volume and soft as silk.


I ended up going to bed late for no reason what-so-ever. I plugged in my iPod and phone to charge and also put in my headphones to my iPod to listen to my music.


I needed to get up early, so I needed rest

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