That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


4. Nasty Fall

Chapter Four - Nasty Fall


"I didn't expect mr egotistical player up here either to be honest, but I guess that today's just full of surprises," I replied to him crossing my arms over my chest.


He walked over towards me and sat down on the bench, casualy leaning back like he owned the place.


"I guess so. What are you doing up here anyway?" he asked now facing towards me.


"Eh, just to clear my head and also that Drew and Hannah wanted some alone time in the house so that was my cue to leave," I explained. I heard him chuckle a little beside me and rolled my eyes at his choice of response.


"So what are you doing up here, you heard my explanation. What's yours?" I added.


I now whipped my head around towards him. I was expecting to hear some sarcastic of humor filled remark like 'just a break until I go meet my bitches' or 'meeting someone up here so we can get off'.


"I needed to clear my head and think about some stuff. I come here alot to do it. But I see by your outfit that you don't just come here to cure a headache?" he made the end sound like more of a question than a statement.


"You got me. I run early in the morning, go home and shower and then go to school. Almost every morning without fail," I admitted.


Thinking about it, I don't always need to run in the morning but it helps me think about stuff and it's one of the only times during the day that I get to be by myself.


"The runner type. I never saw you as more than a football girl... Kitten," he answered, adding the frequently used nickname 'kitten' to the end of his sentence.


"I'm not in the mood for your little nicknames and your sarcastic remarks that you'll probably make in a minute," I retorted back to him.


I could see him smirk out of the corner of my eye and I rolled my eyes at him again.


"Hey, no remarks or sarcasm or humor. Just talking, on a bench, on a hill," he tried to make funny.


I laughed a little I have to admit but then stopped and smiled. That reminded me actually, I had to ask him about earlier with Katie.


The was until I looked at his shoulder to see something showing out a little through his shirt and jacket. It looked like a black and white tattoo.


"What's that," I poked his shoulder.


"Nothing," he brushed off my hand, but I wanted to know what it is.


"That's not nothing," I pulled his jacket sleeve down to reveal his tattoo peering out of his vest arm.


It was a cross with a couple of stars a the top and bottom, a swallow at the top coming into the cross and a rose with the vines tangling round the cross at the bottom. It looked beautiful, and so well crafted as well.


"Just a tattoo," he pulled his sleeve back up, covering it it up and zipping his jacket up.


"Okay," I added.


"Anyway, I have to go. But I'll catch ya soon," he said smiling and getting up to walk off.


But then I remembered about the Katie thing and it was either now or never.


"Max!" I said as I caught his wrist as he was getting up.


He turned back round to face me and slowly sat back down on the bench. I let go of him and scooted a little closer towards him.


"I dunno how to start,"


"Spit it out Kitten," I scowled at him but carried on.


"Ummmmm. I was wondering down the hall this afternoon and I overheard something, in the hallway," I started off to say.


I honestly found it a little awkward talking about it now with him sat in front of me.


"Okay, and this concerns me how exactly?" he responded confusion spread across his face.


I took a deep breath and just carried on, feeling a little nervous. Don't know why, but I don't exactly want him hating me.


"I overheard your conversation with Katie. And you said a few things to her," I continued on with what I had say.


"Now this concerns me, but how are you involved?" he argued back a little.


Maybe I should shut my mouth now, I don't really wanna dig myself a hole but I think it's already been dug for me. I'll probably dig it a little deeper for my self by the end of this conversation.


"Well, I thought I could help. You told Katie that you liked someone, and maybe I could tell her to back off or something. We're not close but she's on the football team, she's not the best footballer and she trips over the ball everytime she goes to kick it," I started.


"But I could tell her that she could be centerforward or something if she'd back off from you?" I suggested to him.


Hopefully by offering to do this, then he'll tell me who he likes. It'd be a win-win situation, I think. He looked a little angered by my suggestion but I'm just hoping that he won't go all yeti or something on me.


"Why were you listening to our conversation?! What I say to other people in confidence is none of your business And you have no right to offer to sort out my own life," he yelled slightly at me. I moved away a little to the end of the other side of the bench.


"I was offering to help you with what seemed like a problem, no need to be so ungrateful you spoilt brat!" I shouted back at him. His face was now scrunched up a little in anger and he was breathing heavily.


"Oh I'm the brat now am I!" he yelled back to me.


"Thats what I said isn't it!"


"Says the girl who snaps her fingers and mummy or daddy dearest instantly plucks it out of thin air! we were in a full blown arguement now as well.


"And your not exactly bad living Bowman, your dad sends you money to fuel your playboy life," I backchatted to him.


"I don't need this," he declared standing up from his sitting position and walking off towards the woods.


I wasn't done with him yet. I had just offered him a way to solve his problem with Katie and he just walks away from me. Plus, I still wanna know who he likes. I can be very persistent when I wanna be. And stubborn.


I followed him to where he was walking in the woods and it was hard to keep up with him because he either takes massive steps or he walks way too fast.


"Max! Max!! Slow down!" I called out to him. But that didn't slow him down, if anything it made his steps bigger and his speed faster.


There were alot of leaves on the forests floor but thank god that the wood was brightly lit. We were now reaching some uneven surfaces and I had to watch where I was putting my feet down.


"I don't wanna talk Danielle, go back to your boyfriend," he exclaimed back to me.


I just took no notice and followed him further into the Forrest. Why would he say somethin like that? What does he care about Zach?


I saw him jump down a little ridge covered in loads of dirt and leaves, so obviously in the art of following him, I walked down To the ridge. Before I could jump off I slipped on the mud that covered the little mini everest and at the same time tried to jump off.


"Ahhhhh! Shit!" I screamed out loud as I lay on the damp wood floor.


I peered down to my ankle to see that one was in a awkward position underneath the other. I moved my leg that was on top away so that was fine and then I tried to move my other ankle but I just screeched out in pain.




I looked around me to see that Max was just in hearing distant but I couldn't move to get closer so I could call for help. I was practically alone. In the middle of a wood. With probably no reception on my phone.


Absolutely bloody fantastic (!)...



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