That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


2. Just A Phase

Chapter Two- Just a Phase 

Waking up at five thirty in the morning isn't ideal, but it is if I wanna go for a run where I don't see people that I know. 

I climbed out of bed and threw on my tracksuit bottoms, vest, jacket and I-pod with my earphones. Being January it was a little cold but I got used to it, eventually.

Running half way, I stopped at the top of the hill to watch the sun come up. It was beautiful. I could stay up here all day if I wanted to. 

Checking the time on my I-pod, I ran back down the hill and along a few streets before making it back to my house at quarter past six.

Everyone would still be in bed so I tried to change and get in the shower without waking anyone up. An hour later I was done and drying my hair in the mirror. 

When I was done with that I applied make-up to the bottom of my eye and a tiny little flick at the end. A little mascara and some lip balm later I was ready for school.

I was wearing my black skinnies, a long tight fitted white vest, my black boot wedges and my brown leather jacket to go with it.

Picking up my phone and walking down the stair I noticed my mother standing in the kitchen making a pot of coffee for herself in her fancy travel mug. She was wearing her usual attire of a long black pencil skirt, black high heels and a different coloured blouse. Today it was purple.

She worked as a social branding facilitator, which basically means that she brands big names in the industry. She brands people, companies and products of all sorts. It sounds a little boring but the pay’s really good.

Noticing me as I entered into the kitchen she smiled a little before resuming back to her coffee pot. We don't have the best of relationships. 

She's all business and work and I'm more about having a bit of fun, that seems to clash with her as she thinks I'm gonna go out and  drinking a lot or smoke weed or something. I haven't but she thinks I will.

'How much coffee do you need?' I complained staring at the vast amount of coffee that she was producing.

'None of your concern Danielle, where's your brother? He has football practise again today and I've made sure that his kit is clean and laid out the sofa for him,' she said in her calm voice.

'Upstairs in bed, asleep, Hannah stayed again last night so they'll probably be down together in a bit,' I murmured. 

Drew was the golden child. Even though his grades were really bad and mine were top of the class, he was still the favourite. Well, my Mother’s favourite.

'Oh yes, I do like Hannah. She'd be a good influence on you.' she chirped back. Let's just say that mother dearest here doesn't exactly like the fact that I play football let alone that I'm captain.

'I've told you this before mum. I'm not gonna be that little girl again who liked to dress up in pink Cinderella dresses. And football, I love,' I stated crossing my arms.

'I know dear but this is probably just a little phase. Sooner or later you'll forget about football and care about all the dresses and the grand parties again,' she smiled sweetly sipping her coffee.

'Mother I'm captain of the girl's football team, I don't think I'd have that title if this was just a 'phase',' I replied using the bunny ears in the air around the word 'phase'. 

She sighed heavily and placed her coffee down on the kitchen side.

'I really don't know how I ended up with a daughter who cares more about running around a muddy field kicking a ball around than being a teenage girl.' she said.

"I don't know how I ended up with a whore for a mother. But there's just some things in this world that we'll never know," I remarked back. That hit a nerve, I could tell by her facial expression. 

She picked up her travel mug of coffee and waltzed out of the kitchen in a huff.

I turned to see her bump into my dad as he walked in through the dining room to get to the kitchen. There were some uncomfortable stares shared between them and then dad carried on walking while mum out the door in a fluster.

About six months ago Mum had an affair with her old boss where she works. Dad found out and was on the verge of kicking her out of the house but he forgave part of what she did and they're trying to make it work. 

Another reason why me and my mother don't have the best relationship ever and why I called her a whore but he still loves her and part of me wishes that I could forgive her for everything too, but not yet.

I have to admit that I'm a total Daddy's girl.

He looked up to find me now perched on the kitchen counter with my legs dangling of the side. He smiled and ruffled my hair knowing that it annoyed me.

'What did I say about the hair?' I asked him pointing to my now ruffled up hair. I heard him chuckle and fill the kettle up with water then place it back on its stand to heat.

'What did I say about sitting on the kitchen counter.' he replied back.

'Touché, where you off to today?' I asked hopping off of the kitchen top and leaning against it instead.

'London for the day, I have a meeting with a big client about a product that I can't pronounce. And then I'm heading back here to watching the racing and to read the paper.' He said. 

Dad's the guy who makes big things happen for small businesses or he funds products and makes them big. I don't know the exact job title but I just call him a Product Investor.

You know Ben and Jerry's ice cream? He helped fund part of their business to make them big the UK. That's why I have an almost unlimited supply cookie dough ice cream. I ask and Dad can bring it home. I also know Ben and Jerry, they’re cool dudes, so, another parent with a good paying job. But money doesn't always buy you happiness.

'Cool, hopefully it's something edible so you can bring some home and I can 'test' it,' I smiled along to that idea.

'I think it's an air freshener. So I wouldn't really like to take you to hospital tonight after you 'test' that stuff,' he commented.

"Or, I could just take the day off school and come with you to London. It could be like the great adventures of SpongeBob and Patrick. Dibsys on SpongeBob," I sort of asked him.

"Better idea, your SpongeBob and Drew is Patrick and you two can have great adventures at school. Sound good?" he tried to reason.

I just shook my head and pouted, but I knew that it doesn't work on dad so I just scowled instead.

'Mum's going on about football again and that it's just a phase,' I groaned. Dad understood me more than mum did it was actually dad who took me to my very first football game.

"Is that why she practically ran out in a huff this morning, you two had the football talk," he made a joking, but serious face.

"That and I may have called her a whore," I admitted. 

"Danielle," he replied sternly.

"Well, I felt like she was trying to threaten me by saying 'it's just a phase and you can go back to all the pink dresses'… It felt like torture, and she would have been gushing about Drew as well," I groaned again.

'Just don't take any notice. Anyway, how’s Zack doing these days?' he asked picking up a apple and taking a large bite out of it.

'He's fine. And I'm going round his tomorrow at six by the way.' I replied. Dad isn't the biggest fan of Zack, never has been, but it not like I'm in love with the guy. I don't think.

'Okay but be careful, he could take advantage and he might try to...' I cut him off right there.

'I'll be careful okay. And also there's a party next Wednesday at Thomas Goodings house. I wasn't thinking of going, but if I want to can I go?' I asked smiling like a Cheshire cat. He sighed.

'Yeah that's fine. If your brother's going he can take you.' he smiled pouring tea into a mug and adding some milk and two sugars, just how I like it too.

'Thank-you daddy!' I said walking over to him and gave him in a big hug which he returned. I pulled back and checked the kitchen clock for the time. Seven thirty, might as well walk today. 

'Gotta go, tell Drew and Hannah that I left already. Bye dad!' I shouted as I walked into the hallway and picked up my bag and took my super-dry coat off the banister of the stairs. 

I walked out the door, slamming it behind me.


I got to school at eight, on the dot. On the way to homeroom I heard my phone vibrate in my bag and started to search through my bag for my phone. 

I almost had it in my hand as I swerved round the corner of the hallway and bumped into someone in the process.

'Oh, sorry I didn't see..... Oh. It's you,' I said looking up to see Max stood before me.

'No need to be mean. I just came to do some extra work... Kitten,' he replied using his little nick-name for me. 

And I must admit, I hate, no, I despise the nick-name kitten.

'Don't call me that and you, do extra work? I must be dreaming' I said laughing a little and crossing my arms. He smirked a bit and mirrored me by crossing his arms too. I rolled my eyes at him.

'I like your nick-name as it is, and yes work. You know, involves using the thing between your ears and then scribbling it down on a piece of paper,' he sarcastically responded unfolding his arms and placing his hands in his pockets.

'Haha, so funny, some say there's nothing but empty space between your ears,' I said back moving past him to go towards homeroom. 

Until Max grabbed hold of my wrist.

'Be careful what you say kitten. You know, karma and all that. It's a bitch,' he whispered in my ear. He let go and walked around the corner. 

I felt something when he touched my wrist though, a weird tingly feeling shot through my arm. I can't believe I just said that. 

What am I saying?

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