That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


10. Improvisation

Chapter Ten - Improvisation


"Get that thing away from me!" I heard a girl scream from the other side of the lab.


I looked over to where the noise had come from to see that Joe Harrison was dangling a frog covered in slime and mucus in Willa Hastings face. I laughed at the sight and she obviously heard because she turned round to glare at me. No one else. Just me.


It was Monday. And I was back at school, I ended up walking to school because Drew and Hannah left me and went on without me. It wasn't too bad though, and I tried ringing Zack this morning but be still didn't pick up.


I'm now sat in biology, and we were dissecting a frog and a horses eye in pairs. The guy who I'm usually sat next to, Graham Mathers, the insecure shy guy who never talked to me wanted to go with me in a pair but someone else stepped in to save me.


I was now sat on my table with my partner, who just so happened to be Max, dissecting the frog. Max had lost a game of rock, paper, scissors and now he had to dissect the horse's eye. Which is vile in comparison to cutting apart the inside of a frog.


I was poking at the frogs skin whilst Max was making a dogs dinner out of the eye he picked. He had to pick the messed up one with the dodgy retena. Out of the corner of my eye I can see two pairs of eyes staring towards Max.


I turn my head fully around to see that Willa Hastings and Katie Patterson and taking turns. One glaring at me and the other gazing lovingly at Max. And then they switch. So at the moment Willa was giving me death stares whilst Katie was looking at Max like he was the most important thing on all of planet earth.


I placed down my scalpel down onto the board and peeled off my rubber gloves and put them next to my scalpel. I decided I could play with Willa and Katie for a little bit.


I raised my left hand up to Max's head and brushed my fingers through his hair over and over again. He just looked at me strange and put down his stuff to talk.


"What are you doing?" he asked confused. I just smiled sweetly at sweetly and lovingly.


"You know that dumb and even dumber are at us staring right now?" I replied like it wasn't a question but a statement. I saw him lookout of the corner of his eye to recognise that the terrible twosomes.


"And your point is?" he looked even more confused now.


I just rolled my eyes at him and stopped brushing my fingers through his hair. I stood up and moved over towards him carrying my stool with me.


"You know how great your hair looks today?" I complimented him, raising my hand up to once again caress his brown locks.


"Your enjoying this aren't you?" he smirked back to be.


"I don't know quite what you mean Mr Bowman," I acted dramatically stupid. I flashed him a smile and he mirrored my actions.


"Well Miss Beau," he took his gloves off and placed his right hand on my leg. "Are they glaring at us right now?" he continued.


I peered over to Willa and Katie discreetly to see them practically throwing dagger at me with their eyes. I just thought that if Katie's gonna take my space on the football field, then I could play with her emotions a little. Like she's done with mine in the past. I've just never gotten round to getting my revenge until now.


"Yeah," I replied and then I had an idea. I took my hand from Max's hair and placed it on top of his hand that was on my leg. Then with my vacant hand I got a piece of my hair and twirled it round my fingers.


"I can see where this is going," he stated matter-of-factly. I winked at him and went through with my idea.


I suddenly burst out laughing excessively, pretending that he'd said something utterly hilarious. I started touching his arms with both my hands to make the troublesome two green with envy.


"Oh Max! Your soooo funny!" I fake cackled a little. Max just smiled back at me as if to say 'I know right!'.


Just as I was about to wind them up even more, the bell went for lunch and I hadn't realised it but everyone else in the class had put away their things. It was just me and Max that had still got our dissection stuff out on the table. We both realised and I let go of his arm immediately but his hand lingered on the leg for longer than it maybe should have.


I got started on clearing up everything frog and guts related on my desk and Max did the same with his horses eye. I shoved the gunky stuff towards Max and he scraped it onto a map to put in the bin.


Me and Max were the only two left in the room now, everyone had gone to lunch and I think I saw the teacher practically run to get in front of the dinner que. Either that or he wants to sit next to my cranky old p.e teacher Miss Fort. They'd make the worst and most disturbing couple ever, but it'd still be quite cute.


Doctor Henley rang early this morning to remind me to take my crutches to school with me. I took them but carried them instead of actually using them and hid them in the lockers in the girls changing rooms early this morning. I'll just collect them at the end of the day.


Max had finished tidying up his stuff and was now helping my put away my things that were for some strange reason spread out across the table. I picked up my bag and slung it over my right shoulder. Max did the same and we were headed out the door.


"Thanks by the way," I thanked him.


"What for?" he asked confused. For a smart guy he gets confused and befuddled a lot.


"For helping to get my own back Willa and Katie, but I owe you more than that," I said back. I then hit him on the side of his arm.


"Oww! What the bloody hell was that for," he commented whilst rubbing his hand against the spot I hit him.


"That's for suggesting that Katie so-up-herself-it's-unreal Patterson, should take my place in the football team!" I almost yelled at him.


I forgot to talk to him about that yesterday, so I thought I might as well just talk to him about it now rather than forget to do it at all.


"Well I'm sorry, but you did say last week that if she got off my back then you would give her your space and now you have the perfect reason to lend it to her. At least until your foot gets better," he tried to reason.


"But I can't play until next week an we have a match this Sunday!"


"So you have someone to play for you so you don't have to forfeit," he tried again. This wasn't favouring him at all, but he didn't know.


"You don't understand! Have you ever seen her play football?! She crap! She falls over the ball with one small kick of it!!" I replied to him.


"You did mention that, but you'd be doing me a favour and this way we're even. I helped you get Willa and Katie jealous and you'll help me by getting Katie off my back," he made seem fair.


We approached my locker and I thrust it open to put away my books and to grab the essentials like phone, money, lip balm, iPod and headphones. I thought about his little proposition.


"Okay, deal. But she's only on the team for as long as I'm out and then she has to go back to being an sub or to be right at the back where she can't come near the ball," I agreed to him.


"Glad to hear you like the idea, now where are you going?" he asked as I slammed my locker door shut.


"I have to go tell a bitch that she's got my spot, wish me good luck and if I don't make it, you can have my laptop and tell Derek that I love him!" I remarked the last bit dramatically. Ahhh, I'm so glad I picked Drama GCSE and A-level! I do love Derek, but in a kind of brotherly way. Like the way you'd love a sibling.


I heard him laugh from behind me as I walked off towards the fields to see everyone huddled round in a small circle and coach stood at the side of the pitch.


I made my way over to coach to talk about Katie and asking her advice on strategies for this Sunday's game.


"Hey Coach West," I cheerfully said to her as I stopped next to her.


"D-Beau! How've you been? And how's the ankle?" she peered down to my foot and smiled at me. I always liked Coach West, she's always been nice to me and I saw her as more of a friend than a football coach or teacher.


"It's okay. I can walk on it fine but the doctor said that I have to have just over a weeks rest," I sadly revealed.


"But that game is on Sunday Beau! Your gonna miss it! I could put Tamara in your spot or Sarah," she started to ponder about who to replace me for the time being.


"I have someone in mind, but before I make this decision, I have to tell you that I owe someone BIG TIME so for them I'm doing this," I stated before walking off towards the little huddle.


"Katie! Come here a minute," I shouted towards the group.


I knew all of my football team really well but I talked to them this morning and there was a half an hour period where everyone came into see if I was okay and alive.


Katie made her way over towards me, emphasising on the movement of her hips when she walked over to where I was.


"What do you want?" she scowled at me. Impolite, but okay.


"I have a proposition for you," I smiled towards her, restraining myself from making some sort of snide comment about her.


"Well what is it?" she looked a bit more curious now and this opportunity looked like it intrigued her.


"I was talking to Max Bowman..."


"Talking?! Is that what you call it? You had your grubby little hands all over him in biology, more like full on hooker mode you," she cut me off before I could explain.


"I'm gonna ignore that before I get to the point where I feel like I really wanna hit you, and I'm not a violent person. I talked to Max before that little, incident, and he said that you were interested in him and that you wouldn't get off his back when he told you that he liked someone else," I trailed off a bit.


"And so? That bitch won't know what's coming to her, Max will always be mine. And I'm gonna make sure everyone knows it," she almost directed that message at me.


"Here's the thing. Like I said, I have a proposition for you. If you get off Max's back about who he likes and stop trying to destroy a poor girls life, then whilst I'm off the pitch. You can have my position on the field. Temporarily," I suggested to her.


"Why would I want your space? I already know that I'm talented," she reminisced in her 'amazing-ness'. I rolled my eyes at her judgement of her talent.


"Look, Coach West wanted to put you in the back where no one could see you and I suggested that I pick out the girl who takes my place as centre forward in the game this Sunday. And if you choose to make that deal I talked about, then that could be you in centre," I tried to persuade her to make the agreement.


She still had her scowl all over her face but with a mixture of thought this time and she crossed her arms over her chest. I couldn't tell if she was planning on ways to torture me with the help of Willa or to take me up on my opportunity.


"I guess I could back up from Max and what-ever slut he has his eyes set on, for now anyway." she agreed.


"Thanks, and I'll be refereeing from the sidelines to see how well you doing and if you need any help with adapting to centre forward," I explained to her.


"Oh please! Your position on the pitch will be a piece of cake to master! And just for the record, I'm gonna back of from Max and his whore as long as your off the pitch. When your back on the field from your little mishap, tell Max I'll be back for him then," she declared as she turned quick on her heel to join the rest o them again.


I turned to walk back over to where Coach West was stood and she didn't look happy. When I got back to her, she was just staring at me with her arms folded across her chest.


"So, lovely weather we're having? Eh Karen?" I responded to the silence and used her first name.


"Don't you Karen me young lady. When you know shes bad at football anyway, why put Katie in your position?" she replied in an annoyed tone of voice.


Everyone knew how bad Katie is, except for Katie. She'd try and show off in front of everyone and then fall over but pretend it never happened or she'd blame it on someone else.


"Like I said, I owe someone BIG TIME," I emphasised the words BIG TIME.


"Well make sure this is your debt paid, the team cannot afford to lose the next two games or we're definitely out," she stressed to me.


"I know, she'll just have to practise a lot more than everyone else," I confirmed. She just turned to me and then walked off to get the team into rows to start training.




We'd finished training later than usual because the team had to start adapting to Katie being in the midst of the game instead of being kept at the back. But I have to say that practise was pretty funny.


I'd never seen Coach West so frustrated or annoyed by one student. She kept yelling out instruction towards Katie but she'd either go the opposite way, trip over the ball backwards or score into the other team goal pretty much every time. The rest of the team was annoyed with me to be honest.


Chloe and Sarah talked to me about Katie after practise and they'd talked to everyone else who said that this is the worst decision made ever in this schools sporting history. They described it as social and sporting suicide.


I know that she's bad at football but every time that something went wrong, she would say that the grass was too slippery, the ball was too small or that the uniform was too distracting. But everyone knew it was all a load of bullsh*t.


I scanned my eyes over my timetable to se what I had for my afternoon lessons.


Period Five: DRAMA

Period Six: HISTORY


I liked my drama teacher a lot but no when I was ten minutes late for her lesson. I reached the door and pushed in open to see everyone turning their heads at me and me as red as a tomato. I creeped and sat down in my spot in silence and tried to pretend that I was there the whole time.


I was sat next to Hannah, Chloe and Hailee. The laughed as I tried to calm myself down and tried to return to my natural facial colour.


"Danielle!" I heard as I peered up to see my drama teacher staring at me from the front. "You, Thomas, Chloe and Samuel up at the front please," I made my way up to the front with the others.


We were all stood in a line at the front waiting for any further instructions from Miss Renn.


"I want you to do alphabetical improvisation, I'll give you a scene and you will start with the letter A and when you get to the end of the alphabet you start all over again with the letter A," she explained to us four at the front.


"So what's our scene?" Thomas asked looking incredibly bored. I don't even know why he took drama as a subject, he can't act and he's the laziest person in the year.


"Your scene is at a park, and action!" she shouted towards us. The order went Sam, Chloe, me and then Thomas.


"Apples raining from the sky?" Sam started unsure.


"But look, they're gold?" Chloe carried on.


"Can't be,"


"Don't care," Thomas said glumly, shoving his hands into his pockets.


"Eat one,"


"Fudge off!"


"Go eat it yourself!"


"This is boring!" Thomas groaned.


"Thomas your out," Mis Renn said as she pointed back to his seat. "Carry on with the letter H."


"Horses eat apples,"


"I love horses!" Chloe squealed.


"Jumping unicorns?"


"Jumping unicorns?!" Sam confusedly repeated my line.


"Samuel your out! Chloe start back with the letter K." the teacher called out.


"Kangaroos jump!" she replied to me.


"Lovely," I smiled not trying to laugh a little at her sweetness.


"My head hurts,"


"No kidding," I rolled my eyes in a dramatic way.


"Otters are wetter versions of beavers,"


"Pretty quote,"


"Quiet, the leprechauns are calling,"


"Your mad?!" I accidentally said instead of my word.


"And Danielle your out! Chloe you win this one!" Miss Renn ushered us back to our seats.


I knew Chloe was gonna win from the start, she's extremely talented and is most likely to become an actress when older.



Drama and History went by in a flash, and I was making my way to my locker when I saw Zack at the other end of the hall talking to his football friends. I had an idea to catch him out.


I pulled out my phone from my bag and dialled his number. I watched him pull out his phone and he pressed a button on the screen. I heard a voice on the other end of the phone.


"This person could not take your call right now, please leave a message after the tone..." his voicemail lady said on the other end.


I hung up and straight after tried again, he had his back to me now and I could here the ringing if his phone from where I was. He actually picked this time.


"Hey babe! Haven't talked since last week!" he played it cool, but in a very annoying way.


"Yeah, a very long time... I called you before this time and you didn't pick up," I replied to him.


"Oh yeah, I just got my phone out my locker," he tried to worm his way round the truth.


I started to slowly walk towards him as he was still turned with his back to me. I tried to make sure that he couldn't hear my footsteps behind him.


"Would you ever lie to me Zack?" I asked as I approached towards him.


"What? Why would you think that?" he lied through his teeth. I tapped him on the back.


"Because your lying to me now," I scowled at him as he stood there speechless in front of me with his phone still held up to his ear.


"Danielle! Hey babe, when did you..."


"Don't babe me! I've been ringing you for the last four days and text you loads over the last three days. And you pressed decline on my call just a minute ago," I had a go at him cutting him off. He shoved his phone into his jeans pocket and slung his arm over my shoulder.


"Listen babe, my friends are a little weird around you because their in the bad books with their girls so I couldn't talk to mine when I know theirs are in a mood with them," he was just digging himself a deeper hole.


"And so you think that that gives you an excuse to not pick up your phone for four days?! What were you doing last Thursday night and for all of Friday?" I yelled at him.


"You mean what were you doing on Friday night, you were suppose to come round and you were a no show. And now my parents aren't away for the whole weekend until June!" he sulked taking away his arm off of my shoulder.


"I was in hospital! I took a nasty fall and had to be put in overnight!" I was angry now and one or two people started to look over at us discreetly.


"Well you could've at least called," he replied in a huff lowering his voice because he noticed some were peering in our direction.


"I did!! I rang, text and left voicemails on your phone and don't give me any crap that it wasn't working because I talked to some people and they said that you've been on your phone 24/7," I argued back.


"I've been.. Errr... Busy with.. Errmm, practise. But I'll talk you your brother and thank him for taking you instead of me," he assumed that Drew had taken me to the hospital.


"It wasn't Drew who took me, he was with Hannah," I replied.


"Oh, well I'll apologise to your dad then and thank him," he made another judgement. Why would he thank my Dad for taking his own daughter to the hospital anyway?!


"Your jumping to conclusions! It wasn't my dad who took me either!" I answered back.


"Well then who took you?" he waited for my answer. Should I tell him it was Max, ah well.


"Max took me actually. He carried me all the way there," maybe that revelation will shake him up to at least care a but more about me.


"Max?! Max Bowman, in our year? Why did he take you and carry you?!"


"Jealous?!" that was a pretty stupid question, he is my boyfriend after all.


"Danielle, I'm your boyfriend! And you shouldn't be hanging round with him. I don't want you hanging round with him," he demanded.


"You can't tell me who I can and cannot hang round with, you don't own me!" I shouted at him and stormed off. People were full on staring now and I didn't really care. I walked out the front gate and made my way home, before i knew it a few tears strayed down my cheeks.


I made it home within about half an hour because the wind kept me from making bigger strides on the pavement. I thrust open the door and slammed it behind me.


I just stood there and let my bag carelessly fall off of my shoulder onto the floor. I lent against the front door and slid down it, bursting into tears as my ass hit the ground.


How could he make up so much bull sh*t and lie to my face. How could he just not be there for me or pick up his bloody phone when I needed him most. And how does he think that he can tell me who and who not to be friends with.


I had to pick the biggest arse-hole in the school as my boyfriend. Just my bloody luck.

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