That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


8. Humpfrey

Chapter Eight - Humpfrey





It turned out that me and Adam had alot in common. We share the same interest in football teams, books, films, restaurants and tv programmes.


We had just finished our discussion about the film 'The Da Vinci Code'. It was nice to have someone with so much in common with, and he wasn't old like some peoples Dad's.


"So, did you really carry my daughter two miles to here?" he asked quite seriously this time.


"Yeah, I did. She was in pain and I couldn't just leave her there," I admitted.


"Yeah, but still. You didn't have to carry her here, you could have called a taxi to bring you both here. But you carried her all the way here," he sounded impressed with my actions.


"Well, I'm nice like that," I replied smiling.


"Thank-you. Without you, she would have been in alot more pain and her injuries would have been way worse. So thank-you," he praised me.


"Your welcome. Anyway, I didn't see her boyfriend Zack come to her rescue," I just heard Adam groan at the sound of Zacks name.


"I'm not surprised, when I'm around him, he gives off a bad vibe. I don't really like the idea of him and Danielle together," he said back.


"I know how you feel, I mean he didn't even come and see her whilst shes in here," I added.


"Typical, typical Zack," he claimed. I couldn't help but smirk at that remark. So Adam didn't like Zack either, another thing we have in common.


"Plus, it's not like he doesn't know she's here. I've heard her leave countless voicemails and send numerous texts to him," I revealed to him.


We sat in silence for a little. It was now almost four in the morning, I wasn't gonna sleep until I knew that she is okay when she wakes up.


I know that I tease her alot in school and that I used to torment her when we were younger, but sometimes it's only out of boredem and other times is because I see how frustrated she gets. And she looks cute when she's distressed.


"What do you want to do with your life Max?" I heard from beside me.


"Excuse me?" I answered back.


"What do you want to do in the future? You know, hopes and dreams?" he explained.


"I wanna help people, maybe be a lawyer. I don't wanna see innocent people wronged for no reason, and I want to help them with their lives so they can succeed in what they wanna do," I admitted to him truthfully.


"That's sounds nice, your a good person Max," he complimented me back.


"Thanks Adam," I replied.


"School good? Grades and that?" he grilled me. This is turning into more of a interview than a conversation.


"Yeah, straight A* student. I'm actually in a few classes with Danielle at school," I defended.


"Ahhh, nice to know," he claimed. I'm thinking he may be one of those gun bearing Dad's I hear about that chases after their daughters ex's with their rifles. Good thing I'm not an ex.


"You can go to sleep you know. She'll still be here when you wake up," Adam added onto the end.


"I know, it's not like she can go anywhere," I motioned to her ankle. She was leaning on it which means that the meds that Doctor Henley put her on were working.


"I gathered, but I'll watch her whilst you sleep and then when you wake up, you can watch over her and I'll sleep. Deal?" he asked in return.


"Deal," I said as I tried to get comfortable in my armchair, it's still my chair. I shut my eyes and then fell fast asleep.






My head felt really fuzzy. I started to stir and tried to flick open my eyes, but the brightness of the light suddenly blinded me. I quickly snapped them back shut and wiggled around a little bit.


I attempted to sit up but was pushed back down onto the hospital bed by a pair of strong arms. I tried to pry open my eyes again and this time succeded. I had to blink a few times for the surrounding objects to become clearer.


I looked around me and rose up form my led down positionto upright, everything is just how I remembered it. The yellowy-brown colour splattered across the four walls, the coffee table, the two chairs and Max.


I couldn't remember anything after I had that mask put on my face and then I guess that I was on that wacky gas that Max was on about.


Maybe he was turning a new leaf, Max I mean. Maybe he wanted to be friends instead of torment buddies, sounds nice.


"Whoa whoa whoa, slow down there. You've been out for hours," I heard Max say from beside me.


"How long have I been out for?" I asked.


"You been out for about twelve hours or so," I stared at him wide eyed.


"Twelve hours?! Those meds really knocked me out," I guessed.


"Not to the first couple of hours," I heard Max try and mutter.


"What's that suppose to mean?" I replied.


"You'll see later when you watch the security tape from last night," he laughed a little as he thought about it.


Oh yeah, the security camera in the corner taped everything I did whilst hooked up to that gas. I think I'll ask for a copy to take home.


I suddenly realised that someone that was suppose to be here is missing.


"Where's my dad?" I whipped my head round to speak back to Max.


"Oh, Adam popped out to the bathroom and to get a coffee," he said using my dads first name.


"First name basis are we," I used my mocking voice a little.


"Back to normal are we," he mocked back. I just glared at him a little.


We just sat there is silence until I noticed something else missing too.


"Where's my book gone?" I scowled at him.


"What book?" he acted dumb.


"Mockingjay, my new one," I started. I knew he had it, it was only a matter of time until he handed it back over.


"Give it, now," I said seriously. I wanted to read it, I didn't just wanna have it to annoy him.


He sighed heavily and pulled out the book from under him and handed it over. He'd sat on it for quite some time, because it was warm.


"By the way I've read the end, so you'd better be nice to me," Max warned me waggling his finger in my direction.


"Or you'll do what?" I challenged him back. He leaned forward as did I so we were staring straight at each other.


"Or I'll tell you the end and what happens to Katniss," he added.


"You wouldn't dare," I came out with. He wouldn't have the guts.


"Try me," he teased back.


"Fine, I'll just go ring Humpfrey and tell him to pick me up," I joked. But he didn't know that.


"Who the hell is Humpfrey?" he quickly interjected.


"My lover and soul mate and..."


"He's not real is he," Max but in a ruined my fun.


"Spoil sport," I commented back. I just flopped back onto my bed in frustration.


At that moment, dad walked back into the room with a cup of coffee in his hand. I was kinda glad he walked back in when he did, otherwise there would be a awkward silence, and those are uncomfortable at the karst of times.



It was almost two o'clock in the afternoon and I was bored. I couldn't read because that made me sleepy and if I went to sleep then I would have to have the gas again and I would have to stay here another night. And I missed my own bed.


These hospital beds can get really uncomfortable at times. Especially when the nurses put you in one of those backless nighties. Now they, are a WHOLE other story.


Whilst I was stretched out on the sheets, about to did from complete borden. Ray walked in with a happy grin across his face.


"Sup doc," I groaned from my position. Max and Dad propped their heads up to see Ray from where they were sat. I think Max has now officially claimed one of them as HIS chair.


"We have done all of test and we have your results back as well," he smiled.


"Oohhh, what's wrong with me?" I spoke back.


"Judging by your reaction to those meds or 'wacky gas' as your friend puts it, not just your ankle," he pointed towards my foot.


"What's that suppose to mean?" I judged.


"Don't worry," he replied laughing a little. This security tape must be pretty funny, or weird.


"Not meaning to be rude, but can you get to the point already," my Dad stared at me, he taught me never to be rude. But I was getting frustrated.


"Well, your test results show that your ankle has somehow gotten progressively better over night. So now it's just badly bruised instead of sprained," Ray confirmed.


"That's great, how long do I have to rest it for," I asked curiously.


"Just a week or so. But I've looked over your recent activities in you medical record and I understand that you play football?" he made that out to be more of a question than a understanding.


"Yeah I'm captain, why?" I stated proudly.


"Because your gonna have to put that on hold for the time being whilst your ankle heals," he affirmed. I raised my one eyebrow at him as if to ask him if he was crazy.


"What?! I can't just not play, we haves a game in two weeks and I have to practise," I argued back "Dad, tell him!"


I turned to my Dad, as did everyone else. He just looked puzzled and stunned that he had to answer this.


"I'm gonna have to to with Doctor Henley on this one, I'm sorry sweetie," he took Rays side.


"Max," I turned to him for help.


"Don't drag me into this, it's not my fault your clumsy," he commented.


"She's always been like that, when she was three she voluntarily walked into a table and has a dent on her head. See there," my Dad said, starting a different conversation an pointing at the lite Mark on my forehead.


I swatted away his hand but not before everyone started to look at my head, trying to look for the little mark on my head.


"Hey I followed you down that little Ben Nevis wannabe.. You need to take my side on this one," I revealed.


"You could've gone back back home to where you wouldn't be here right now," he replied. My hope was shattered, he wasn't gonna help out on this one.


"I told you why I couldn't. You really think that I wanna go home to a spit swap followed by a long session of tonsil tennis and loud game play between my brother and my best friend. I think not," I burst out. Everyone now had their own unique responses on their facial expressions.


"Maybe you could referee or captain from the side lines," Ray suggested to me.


"Yeah, why don't I go and jump off a cliff or drink for bleach whilst I'm at it," I sarcastically remarked.


"Do you not have someone to take your place?" Dad asked me like he was serious. But I turned to him and he was being serious.


I thought about all the people who could take my place. Haliee, Tamara, Sarah, Nathalie, Chloe...


"I know of someone who could take her place," I heard from beside me. I turned to Max confused at who he meant.


"And whom might that be oh wise one," I replied.


"Katie Patterson, you know her," I scowled at him hard. He knows for a fact that I don't like Katie and that she's rubbish at football and... Ahhhhh!


Now I know what he's doing. When I said to him yesterday that I would tell Katie to back off from him if I offered her a place in centre forward or something.


"Fine, I'll talk to her," I reluctantly agreed to do.


Did I forget to mention that along with that Willa girl, Katie also dislikes me. Don't have a clue why, but she does. I think it had something to do with the time we were in reception. But we were four, it was probably something to do with finger painting or shiny stickers.


Max mouthed 'thank-you' to me and I nodded back as a response.


"Then that's all sorted, when will she be able to leave Doctor," Dad added.


"I'll just go sign her papers and she can leave in about an hour," Ray replied. He turned to leave and then I remembered something.


"Ray!" I called out and he spun round to face me.


"Yes Danielle?" he replied sweetly.


"Can I see the footage? You know, of last night during the time you hooked me up on gas and meds?" I asked excitedly.


"If you insist, I'll get you some crutches to walk down to the security room and you can watch it there," he confirmed and then left the room.


I fist punched the air and did a little mini dance to celebrate. It was only a tape, but by the reactions of everyone else, I was just more eager to watch it.




"YOU SHALT NOT, PASS!" I heard out of the speakers of the t.v screen.


I was watching the tape of my whilst on the gas, and it was pretty amusing. And when Ray walked into the room, the look on his face was priceless.


There was stuff about Harry Potter and Hogwarts but also a little but about a blue penguin and a cape. I love drugged up me, she seems fun.


I was sat with the security guard whilst in the room because I couldn't be in there on my own. He was laughing a little too, as was I.


I stopped it as I saw that it was almost half past three.


"Hey! I was enjoying that," the guard complained.


"Shut up Humpfrey!" I called him.


"Your one funny girl," he commented back. I reached up and took the DVD of the footage out o the t.v.


"Why thank-you very much," I expressed.


"Your welcome miss..." he started.


"I'm Danielle and I'm also fluent in sarcasm and I dabble in the art if irony," I revealed.


"Nice to know, and my name isn't Humpfrey," he argued a little.


"Well I like it, so it stays,"


"My names Derek," he replied. Even better, I couldn't see in here very well though so all I'd seen of him so far is a blur.


"Okay, Derek Humpfrey what-ever your last name is," I muttered but loud enough for him to hear me.


"What-ever you say Danielle,"


"I have decided that you shall be my derek, and Derek will be mine," I quoted.


"Isn't that from Finding Nemo?" he looked a little astounded.


"I've got a lot more where that came from," I revealed.


He looked a bit scared now and just watched me put the DVD footage back in the case.


"Can I have a copy? Of this," I waved the case in his face.


"Yeah sure, it'll take a couple of minutes and I'll come find you and give it to you," he smiled back.


"Great," I replied. Just then Doctor Henley poked his head round the door.


"Danielle, just to let you know that you have been discharged and you can now go home," he let me know.


"The good news just keeps on coming," I declared. He nodded and left the room.


"Just in wonder, why do you want a copy of the DVD?" I heard from Derek next to me.


"Because when I'm feeling down, I can watch this footage and it can make me feel a but better," I affirmed. He nodded back as a response.


"I'll see you in a bit, gotta go and get my dad and friend," I told him as I got up to leave the room.


"Sure, I'll go and burn off your disc now," I smiled towards him and left to go and find Dad and Max.


I just carried the crutches that Ray had given me, I thought that if I tried to walk normally then hopefully my ankle will recover quicker. I walked round the corner and saw a familiar face at the desk.


"Hey physic Sally," I used a little name.


"Hi, and I'm not a physic, I just know what I saw," Georgia replied.


"Yeah okay, what you up to?" I asked politely. She just flipped through the papers on the desk and sighed.


"Got a lot to do, theres this woman on ward sixteen who won't let us take her blood sample and she won't swallow her tablet because she thinks the doctors have put bleach in them," she explained.


"Crazy woman, what are you doing here anyway? You look like you should be in college or university studying," I responded.


"Why do you say that?" she replied.


"I mean, you look too young to be a fully qualified nurse, no offence. But how old are you? Eighteen? Nineteen?" I made clear.


"I'm eighteen, well eighteen last week. To be honest, my uncle runs this whole hospital section. And I can't afford to pay for tuition for med school, so when my uncle mentioned a place was to be filed here. I couldn't say no, I need the money and the experience is pretty good as well,"she announced.


"And you wanna be a ....."


"A qualified professional doctor, one of those ones with a PHD and lots of letters after my name on my degree," she finished off for me.


"Ahhhh, if your gonna dream, dream big. You'll get your PHD and a those letters after your name, I know it," I imagined.


"How do you know? Physic at sixteen?" she asked raising her eyebrows.


"Seventeen in May, and no, I just know it. I can feel it in my bones. Except my badly bruised one in my left ankle," I joked around.


"Speaking of your ankle, shouldn't you be putting your weight on your crutches instead of on your foot?" she eyed up my left leg.


"I heal quickly, I'm not worried about it," I added.


I saw Georgia shy away and look down to her papers on the desk.


"What's up?" I asked.


She stayed quiet and I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned round to see a tall, dark haired, strapping young guy in a security uniform. He looked around 20.


"Here's your tape Danielle," he showed the DVD case to me and I knew who it was.


"Thanks Derek," I took the case and smiled back at him.


"No problem. Hi Georgia," he commented waving at Gerogia who was hiding behind me. I turned to find her sheepishly gazing at Derek.


"Hello Derek," she started to fiddle with her hair and twirl stray pieces around her fingers. He just smiled sweetly back to her like he was a litte school boy.


"Well, I gotta go. See ya round Danielle. See you later Georgia," he shyer away a little and went back to the security room.


Derek and Georgia liked each other. It was so obvious! I turned back to Georgia with a devilish smile on my face.


"Why are you looking at me like that," she noticed the look on my face.


"Derek and Georgia sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" I squealed like a excited barbie wannabe. Never thought I'd do that in my life but I just did, and I don't know why.


"Shhhhhhhhh!! I have a little crush," I stare at her like she had said that in a different language.


"A little crush, honey you can she that crush from mars! And I can tell that he likes you too!" I exclaimed.


"I have to get back to work," she avoided the conversation.


"I'll see you soon Georgia," I called out to her as she walked down the hall.


Then Max came round the corner to find me.


"There you are, ready to go?" he asked offering his arm out for me to support on.


"Let's go," I replied taking his arm and leaving the crutches against the desk and walking out with Max in tow.

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