That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


6. Hopitalised

Chapter Six - Hospitalised



"No way...."



"Yes way, a starfruit with a hat would be loads better to be than a pinepple with a hat," he said it like my answer was completely stupid and that there was only one answer.



"Pineapples are better than starfruit, end of story! Your turn," I replied to him.



We're playing would you rather, it got boring in here because we've been here for almost three hours. Max suggested would you rather but his questions are bad.



"Okay, would you rather live forever or die tomorrow?" he asked. Hmmmmmm....



"I would rather... Live forever," I replied looking back to him.



"Really? I would rather die tomorrow, because after a certain period of time life would get boring," he casually responded.



"No, there's so much beauty, life and culture in the world... It would never truly get boring," I was looking a little smug now. I could see him thinking about my answer.



"Touchè kitten, there's hope for you yet," I scoffed at him and he picked up a book. He'd now finished the hunger games and is now reading catching fire.



"Let's hope there more than a peanut sized cerebrum in between your ears," I retorted back. He laughed and I have to admit the was a pretty weird conversation. So I laughed too. We were starting to laugh harder and didn't stop until someone stood at the door cleared their voice.



We turned our heads round to see a doctor and nurse stood in the doorway. He was a old-ish man, say around mid forties or fifties. And the nurse looked young, around twenty two years old.



Me and max stopped laughing and I looked down to my hands to fiddle with my fingers. Max went back to reading his book.



"Well miss Beau we have just had your test results back and they have shown that when you fell, the outcome was a slight concussion, your left ankle is sprained and your right is bruised," he stated, writing down something on his clipboard.



"Thank you doctor, when will I be able to go home?" I asked.



"We're gone keep you in over night to run a few more tests to see how long you have to rest for and then you can go home tomorrow afternoon," he confirmed.



"Thank-you doctor....."



"Henley, but call me Ray," he finished off for me.



"Thank-you doctor Hen-, Ray," I thanked him again.



"It's not me you should be thanking, if you had been left for any longer or if you had not been attended too when you had been, then your injures would have been way worse then they are." I looked at him confused.



"So....." I said to him.



"So, if It hadn't been for this young man here, you would be in alot more pain or on a operating table. You should be thanking him more than me," Ray affirmed, pointing towards Max.



Max looked up from his book towards the doctor. I was just looking back and forth between him and Ray, then I casually glanced at the nurse that was eyeing up Max from head to toe. I felt a little pang in my chest, it was weird. It felt a little natural.



"Have you got anyone that you can ring to pick you up tomorrow or anyone to stay overnight. We can allow it this time as visiting hours are only up until ten pm. You currently have five hours left of visiting time as well," Ray kinda asked in a strange way.



"I'll make some calls and sort something out," I mentioned. He hung his clip board on the end of the bed and proceeded to leave the room. His nurse followed suit.



I peered over to my right and saw that Max is deeply indulged in his book and I didn't want to stop that but j had to thank him. I leaned over to him and placed a little kiss on his cheek and then leaned back to my hospital bed.



That seemed to somehow snap him out of his reading, I could feel his eyes trying to now read my face and my expressions. My eyes met his and he had the look of confusion spread across his face.



"What the hell was that for?" he asked me raising a eyebrow and smirking a little bit. I just smiled back.



"It was a thank-you, as in thank-you for carrying me two miles and thank-you for caring enough to bring me here," I admitted. If it wasn't for him I'd still be out in that forrest with a mire than sprained ankle and probably passed out.



"Wow, a compliment and a kiss on the cheek. No problem, anytime," I grinned widely at me and went back to his book.



"I'm breaking you down Bowman," I commented. And with that he was up, he stood up and was going to walk out the door.



"I didn't mean it, where are you going?" I asked him as he opened the rooms door.



"Bathroom break and then after I'm gonna go and get some containers of food and some drinks. You want anything?" he offered to me and it really looked like he needed the toilet too so I thought this could be fun.



"I'll have a errrrrrrrrr... Normal, no, diet, no! Definitely a normal dr. pepper and then for food I would like....." he cut me short.



"Hurry up! I have the bladder of a mouse!" he exclaimed back at me.



"Okay, okay... I'll have a tuna melt, tub of Ben and Jerrys cookie dough ice-cream, curly fries and that really nice smoked sausage that they do," he just looked at me stunned at how mugh I asked for. Bu he quickly went back to the thought that he had to go to the bathroom and rushed out the doors.



I chuckled a bit as he left and also took his book to read while he was gone. Then I realised that no one knew I was here. Maybe they knew. I picked up my phone a dialed the most used number on there.



'Hello?' a voice picked up.



'Hey Dad' I replied down the phone.



'Hey, what's up with my girl?' he happily chimed down the other end.



'Yeah, I'm sorta kinda in hospital' I responded hoping not to get a angry, frustrated, worried dad. Cause that was not a good one.



'What!!!' I heard being screamed down the phone. I proceeded to tell him what happened, how long I'd been here for, that no no else knew and I also included the part where Max carried me two miles just to get me seen too.



It turned out that dad had just got in and everyone else was in the house



So as soon as he told everyone they were rushing up their things to come and see me. I hung up when we exchanged 'bye' and 'love you' over the phone.



I tried to ring Zack a load of times but there was no answer on the other end. But he hasn't now got the excuse that his phone was off or out of battery. Because I know as a fact that he takes his charger everywhere with him, he takes it to school, to his friends house, even to the bloddy bathroom!



And he NEVER turns it off, even during a date of ours once, his phone went of and it was one of his friends from school. We were in a fancy, quiet resteraunt and he answered the phone with the line, 'HEY BUDDDYYY! No I'm not busy! hows it hanging?!' the whole resteraunt looked at us and I was surprised we didn't get chucked out.



I placed my phone just by my leg and picked up the book. I heard a knock on the door and in the doorway the nurse appeared. I just smiled at here as she went over to the far corner and started to fold cleans bed linens.



"Thank-you nurse by the way, I don't if you did anything but thank-you anyway," I told her, glancing up for the pages o the book to her for a second and then back to the story.



"No problem miss. Your boyfriend seems to care alot about you, you two make a cute couple as well. I can see you two having beautiful babies," I sat there stunned, wide eyed and open mouthed at the nurse before me. She just kept folding and arranging the bed sheets into piles.



"Oh you thought me and Max are.... No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Me and Max are sooo not a couple," I confirmed. She stopped foldng and walked over to my bedside.



"I'm sorry miss, it's just that when you were in here and he went to see if you were gettin seen too. He got really protective and angry when doctor Henley said you'd have to wait for a while," she said back to me. Wow.



"I didn't know that. Cheers miss...?"



"Oh, call me Georgia," she assured me.



"Cheers Georgia. What exactly happened between doctor Henley and Max?" I asked.



She made her self comfortable and told me everything. When max had gone out, she said he got into protection mode and it was like if I wasn't seen too then it was the end of the world. That's why I got my scan done so soon and my results back too.



"He really cares for you, and you don't see it," she finished off by saying. Before I could reply to her she stood up, picked up the bed linens and walked out the room.



He cares for me. What?! No way.



But I keep replaying what's Georgia said to me before she left. He really cares for you, and you don't see it. What don't I see. I don't understand. He doesn't like me in that way, he'd probably do it for anyone.



I'm suddenly snapped out of my train of though when the door opens to reveal Max stood there at the door. I smiled at him as she shut the door behind him and walked over to his chair with all the food stacked on a tray in his hands.



"I ended up just going to the vending machine and getting loads of snacking stuff, but I did get your cookie dough ice cream," he stated holding up my tub of Ben and Jerrys with a spoon.



I just responded to him by smiling and holding out my hand to take the tub off his hands. I felt like if I had said something then it would come out in a big wobbly mess. I know for a fact he doesn't care about me in that way but why do I feel like this?!






"Is she awake yet?" I heard someone say.



"I dunno, she's been out for over an hour," another person said.



"Can I poke her?" I heard the soft pound of a punch after that.



"What? It's just to see if she's alive!" a defencive voice said.



"Drew Christopher Tennison Beau!..." that was my mums voice for sure.



I softly and gently flicked my eyes open to see which voice matched which body.



"Look, she waking up," I saw two blurs come towards me and the others crowd around slowly.



"Damn! Now I don't he to poke her!" Drew cussed. I saw what looked like Hannah smack him upside the head. I chuckled a little, and everything appeared a bit fuzzy and hazy.



I wasn't sure who was where for a bit and all I could see was colourful figures moving about the room. I squinted my eyes to see a bit clearer but it didn't work. They looked like gummy bears.



"Can you stop arguing and moving about so quickly, Haribo loves you all equally. You can all be in the golden bears packet if you jump!" I yelled out a little and shut my eyes again.



"I think I would've preferred her dead, her random antics are confusing the he'll outta me," I knew that was Drew this time, the tone of his voice gave it away. I sat up quickly rubbing my eyes and opened them.



Everybody was here, in this small crowded room. Drew and Hannah were on the left of me and Dad, Mum and Max were to the right. Max was still here?! This boy does not give up. And then I remembered what I had sat up for.



I turned to my left, my vision fully intact and wahcked Drew hard across his arm. He rubbed the place I hit and I heard everyone else chuckle around me.



"Three things. One, don't poke me to see if I'm dead. Two, you'll need me and my random antics someday. And three," I hit him again.



"Owww! What was that for?!!" he look stunned that I had hit him for the second time.



"The first one was for the asking if the poking and the second one was for the hoping I was dead rather than alive," I replied to him. He just walked over to the newly placed seats along the left wall of the room. Hannah went over to sit with him after she smiled and nodded towards me, knowing she had my back on this but still comforting Drews now maybe bruised arm



"I can see that your better, due to your brothers now injured arm. God knows why you have to stay in overnight," she tried to mutter the last part but she failed spectacularly. As always, Drew is the holy child. She acts as if he's christ reborn or something.



"Nice to know you care mum," I replied to her.



I looked over to Max and saw he glare at my mum a little, like he was angry at her or had something against her. He saw me stare at him and looked away to the coffee table.



"Oooh! Before I forget," Hannah suddenly said, pulling out a bag from the end of the bed-stead. She placed onto the end of my bed.



"I know that this might be a stupid question, but whats in the bag that you somehow managed to hide?" I asked, frowning at her slighty. It was just out of pure curiosity due to the fact that the bag was massive but looked like it contained very little in it.



"I brought you some extra clothes, your hairbrush, phone charger, magazines, extra pair of earphones, two more pairs of shoes. And I bought you something as well on the way over here, this.." she stopped mid way and plucked something out the big bag. I couldn't believe what she held in her hands.



"Oh my god!" I grabbed the book out of her hands. On the front it read 'Mocking Jay By Suzanne Collins'. I suddenly realised what I held in my hands and dropped onto the bed in an instant.



"What's up?" she was confused a little now.



"Is the book mine or is it borrowed?" I was hesitant to ask her. All she came out with was a little laugh followed by Drew laughing from his seat. Still clutching onto his bruised arm. I just gave him a death stare which was supposed to be his que to shut up.



"You wanna shut that pie hole of yours before I wobble over there and do serious damage to your other arm," I warned him, pointing my finger at him seriously. He looked a bit offended but then shut his mouth.



"To answer your question, I bought this book for you to keep. I figures you've probably finished off the second book so you might as well avoid anticipation and start the third book straight afterwards," Hannah confessed, taking me attention back to what she was saying.



"Thanks Hann, your the best," I exclaimed whilst throwing my arms out to give her a massive hug.



We broke away and I just stared at everyone in the room. Drew and Hannah happily sat like the cute couple they are, Mum stood with her bag hanging on her arm and a slight scowl on her face. My Dad lovingly sat at my bedside holding my hand and Max.



The guy who has carried me two miles to a hospital that we could've called a taxi to take us too, the guy who seems like he's refused to leave me, the guy who has basically introduced himself as my boyfriend to my nurse and the guy who cheers me up. Even when I'm led on a hospital bed with a sprained ankle and the headache from hell.



Maybe I could be a little nicer towards him. Maybe. Sometimes. I'll try my best.

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