That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


5. Conscience

Chapter Five - Conscience






I was walking away from her and towards the edge of the forrest. I stopped. Turning round to see if she was still trailing me I saw that she was nowhere to be seen.



I ran my hand through my hair and sighed with relief. I didn't need her intervening in my personal life, I didn't want her to find out either. If only she knew the truth. I didn't mean to add that bit in about her boyfriend, but he treats he like shes an object sometimes.



Yeah sure he's on the football team and they share an interest in that field. Pun intended. But apart from that, he always has to touch her. Like he's saying to every other guy who looks at her, that she's his.



It's not only that, and I know that this might sound hypocritical, but I overheard one of their conversations whilst they were outside school a couple of weeks ago. He was saying over and over again that he was alone in the house and that she could come over and they would do things together.



I hate guys like that in general, but because I've seen her be a little fragile in the past. It really riles me up how he acts around her as well. She has a very hard exterior too and it's extremely hard to break it down. Trust me, I've tried.



I stopped mid thought as a ear peircing scream was heard from behind me. I whipped my head round to where I thought the scream came from. It went quiet again and I peered around to see if anything looked out of the ordinary.



I was about to make my way back home, but I took one step towards to exit of the wood and another screech was heard. It was loud this time and went on a little longer.



I started to walk towards where the sound was until I saw what was making the noise and jogged over to her.






I'm now sat here, in sheer pain. Clinging onto my ankle for dear life, trying to minimise the pain that was shooting through and up my leg. I let out a loud scream and felt a few warm tears eascape my eyes and fall gently down me checks.



I searched around from my spot to see if there was anyone around. I couldn't see anyone and instead let out another deafening scream due to the pure agony and discomfort going throughout my left ankle.



This was it, I was gonna die in this wood. No one is gonna come and I'll be alone in this forrest.



Another agonising shrill was about to escape my lips before I turned my head up to hear the noise of leaves crunching ahead of me. My vision was a little blurry and I couldn't make out the figure coming towards me. I obviously have concussion from where I landed funny.



As the cryptic individual came forward, my sight adjusted back to normal and I could now perceive the person in front of me.



Max. He had come back for me. Walking towards me, with a worried expression spread across his face. Crouching down to where I was sat, he looked all down my body until I pointed to my left ankle.



He fished his hands from out of his pockets and reached out to my foot. As soon as his cool fingers are placed against my skin, I let out a little cry and moved it away from his touch.



"Does it hurt?" he asked. I peered up at him with the NO KIDDING look all over my face.



"Noooo, I'm just screaming out in pain because it amuses me... OF COURSE IT HURTS YOU IDIOT!!" I yelled back at him. He threw up his hands in defence as I sat there, scowling at him from my spot.



"Well I'm sorry, okay. I'm not a ruddy doctor!" he shouted back at me. This was really not the time for us to get worked up over this. But I'm still mad at him for not answering my question and walking away from me.



"Neither am I but I still know the difference in pain between a bruise and a sprain!" I exclaimed back as a reply to him.



He just stood up, turned and twisting around to see if there was anyone else around to help.



"I have to get you to help," he shoved one of his hands into his jacket pocket, pulling out his phone. Max started waving his blackberry about in the air, trying to get some signal to call for help.



"No shit Sherlock," I muttered under my breath. He didn't hear it thankfully, I think he would of walked away and left me here otherwise.



Sighing and stuffing the phone back in his pocket. He turned to face me and leant down next to me. I wiped a few dried tears away from my face.



Suddenly, a pair of two strong arms were wrapped around my body and I was now being lived off of the muddy forrest floor.



"What are you doing?" i asked Max as hes now holding me in his arms. He started walking, watching were he stepped.



"Carrying you. The nearest hospital is about two miles away, we'll be there in about half hour minimum," he stated back, adjusting me in his arms.



I wiggled about a little to get comfortable and then decided to wrap my left arm around his neck so I wouldn't slip at all. I heard him laugh a little as I leaned on him a bit more for support.



"Your not gonna be laughing in twenty minutes when your arms'll probably feel like their about to drop off," I smirked back to him.



"I think I can carry you with my big strong muscles and appealing body," he came out with. I just rolled my eyes a him and hit his chest with my hand.



I flinched slightly at how hard his chest was, it wasn't rock hard but it was still firmer than I thought it would be.



"Oww, what was that for?" he seemed stunned that I had hit him in the chest.



"Two things, one for being a jerk and two for being a egotistical big head. My ankle may be sprained or broken, but my hands are working just fine," I responded and then made myself comfortable again.



An hour later, and I'm still in pain but now I'm led down on a white hospital bed whilst in pain. Max had literally carried me for over two miles to the hospital and didn't stop to put me down either.



When we first got here about fifteen minutes ago, Max had rushed into the entrance calling out for help from everyone like it was a serious matter. I thought he was just being silly, it was probably only a sprained ankle. No biggie.



So here I am, on my white blanketed hospital bed, still in agony waiting eagerly for the x-ray that the doctor had done on my foot. I turned to look around the room and try and take my mind off the pain running through the left side of my body.



I had gotten my own room so I was disturbed and so the noises would make me so frustrated that it put stress on my body. Which apparently, makes the pain worse.



There was quite a big bay window with a blind and sat on the window sil, a few flower pots perched there with bright orange, red and yellow flowers sprouting out of them. The walls are a slightly duller colour than I thought, it's a mix between dirty orange and mustard yellow.



On my left hand side stood a monitor and a drip thats lead was attached to a needle that had been firmly placed into my arm. And then to my right side of the bed. A small coffee table with numerous magazines laying on the top. A tall plant pot in the corner and then something else.



Somebody else.



Max. He hadn't left me here. He'd stayed with me the moment I was in here, all the way through till the end of my x-ray. And he's still here? I wonder why...



"What'd you still doing here? Shouldn't you be at home, ya know, planning stuff?" I covered my eyes at the brightness of the light that was coming through the blind.



"And what would I be planning exactly?" he retored back to me. I squinted over at him and rubbed my eyes this time.



"World domination, ways to get me back, the death of the tooth fairy? Take your pick," I offered up to him. I opened my eyes fully to see that he's reading a book. The cover read, The Huger Games.



He shut the book and put it down on the little coffee table, next to the magazines that mow look half torn and a little battered.



"First off the toothe fairy doesn't exist and second of all..."



"Oh my god! The tooth fairy doesn't exist!!!!" I stooped him mid sentence with my sarcastic remark.



"Even on a hospital bed, you as sarcastic as ever... Kitten," he added. I glares at him this time, but I could tell it wasn't working. He just sniggered.



"Why thank-you and I see you've resorted back to you extremely annoying ways," I commented back whilst turning to rest my head against my hand and lean on my non broken sided body.



"Ehh, I try my best. But why would you think that I would plan ways to get you back? your the one with a almost totally broken ankle not me," he looked a little concerned that I had though he'd do such a thing.



"For invading your personal life and offering to help when it was more of a hindrance type of thing?" I made that more of a question than a statement as it came out.



"Don't be silly, you were trying to help. I was just being inconsiderate and a little mood, plus my parents were embarrassing and bugging me a little bit too," he finished off and picked up his book again.



I really want to tell him what happens, I've read the first book and seen the film. Both were amazing and I'm now on the second book. I would ask him why his parents were embarrassing and bugging him. But look where sticking my nose into other peoples business got me. A sprained ankle on my left and a sarcastic player on my right.



"So, World domination...." I raised my eyebrows at him as I uttered those words.



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