That Boy's The Daddy

Danielle Beau doesn't believe in love and especially doesn't believe that the schools number one player Max Bowman can get her to fall in love. But after one drunken night at a house party, Danielle ends up doing something that she never thought she would with an outcome that she'd never expect .....


1. This Kitten Bites

Chapter One- This Kitten Bites

Have you ever noticed that some days seem much longer than others? I have and today just happens to be one of them.

As if sitting in Biology next to the outcast kid that won't even look at you let alone talk to you wasn’t bad enough, the teacher was talking about things we'd never seen before and diagrams we'd never understand.

I began to day dream about what it would be like if there were robots that swept teachers under the mat and locked them away in cupboards for their own good. Then everyone would be let out freely and school would shut. I was enjoying my vision until I was snapped back into reality by my teacher’s annoying lisp.

'Danielle? Danielle? Mis-th Beau?!!' He ended up shouting to get my attention. He pointed his long ruler at the board.

'Uhh, yeah?' I replied nervously, forgetting what he was on about.

'What would point C be on this-thh diagram?' He asked with a smug smile plastered all over his chubby red face. I glanced over at the board and it all came flowing back to me.

'Point C would be known as the process of extraction sir,' I said sweetly. He looked surprised and adjusted his glasses so he could see the board a little more clearly.

'Correct Mis-thh Beau. Anyway, the proces-thh of extraction is followed by......' He started to witter on again. I lazily went back to day dreaming about the robots, resting my elbows onto the table and leaning my chin against my palm. If those robots ever do come, I'm making sure they take ol' chubby cheeks over there first.

We could taunt him with bargain buckets of KFC and luxury big mac meals from Mcdonalds. I could see this plan coming together nicely, all we need are the robots. Damn 21st century technology.

I scanned the room and my eyes laid on one person in the back who was looking back at me. Max Bowman. He was a self-confessed player, rich kid, star football player and a jackass.

He once hooked up with three girls in the same night, and when he got home, he put four girls on webcam at once and broke up with them at the same time. Talk about a jerk.

And the worst thing is that I've had to know and put up with this pain in the ass for most of my life. Both our mums are best friends and him and my twin brother Drew are on the football team together. They’re not best buds or anything but they're in a few classes together and talk occasionally. But ever since we met he's been rude, cocky and egotistic.

When I was seven, he pulled my hair and said that Drew did it. When I was twelve, he called me fat. At age fourteen, he'd make fun of my braces. And now he just infuriates me with his pathetic attempts of flirting and general cocky banter. His jokes stopped being funny a very very long time ago. The only one who's still laughing is him.

I looked away from him and tried to look as interested as I could to what was on the board. I could feel him staring at me. He knew it pissed me off big time and it was working.

I whipped my head around to face him and glared at him intently and saw some girl named Willa next to him trying to grab his attention by batting her eyelashes at him. You could tell from where I was sitting that she had put on at least two sets of false eyelashes and badly too.

Max paid no attention to Willa and kept his gaze on me, not blinking, not moving at all. That was all interrupted by the sound of the bell, signalling the end of school for today, seven cruel hours of ongoing lessons. At least tomorrow was Thursday, which is one more day toward Friday and after Friday is a much needed weekend.

I hurried out of the classroom to get to my locker before the corridor got overcrowded with students. I made it towards my locker, entered the pin and opened the metal door to reveal five years of memories. I stared at the pictures hanging on the inside door of it and of the junk in the back of the steel box.

I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket and took it out to see it was my best friend Hannah's ID on the front screen.

'Party central,' I answered it cheerfully.

'Not much of a party from where I'm standing…'I heard an echo from the phone line. I looked around to my left to see Hannah leant against her locker from the other end of the hallway.

'That's cause your too far away,' I carried on to say.

'I'm on my way,' she said before hanging up and skipping through the crowd to where I was. Her long sandy blonde hair bounced around on her shoulders as she skipped. She was stunning. Her dark emerald green eyes shone in the light, her hair was that of an angels and she had a body to die for.

All the guys here at school adore her and wish they'd have a chance with her. But she was spoken for already, by Drew, my brother Drew. She stopped at my locker and circled around me so she was now leaning against the lockers on the right of me.

'So this is what a Danielle Beau party looks like. It's looks a little, what's the word... A little small,' she smirked crossing her arms over her chest.

'Because it is for epic people only, no riff-raff,' I commented back.

'Touché,' she replied. 'I have to go and see Drew before practise, will see you later,' and off she went. Hannah practically lived at my house, she might as well move in too considering half of her stuffs already there.

I waved her off and went back to sorting my locker, hurrying up so I could go home. I looked up to my right to see a pair of feet under my locker and their torso upwards hidden by my locker door. I knew who it was.

'Well look what the cat dragged in.... Backwards,' I smirked slamming my locker door shut to reveal the familiar face before me.

'Awhhh, now that's not nice kitten. What-ever happened to good manners?' Max asked as he was leaning against the row of metal lockers with his arms folded.

'This kitten bites and those good manners went out the window a long time ago with the nicer and less cocky side of your personality,' I sneered back placing a hand on my hip and slinging my bag over my right shoulder.

'You’re not so nice yourself,' he replied. I smiled back. In comparison to him I'm like Mother Theresa.

'Oh please, you wouldn't understand or even know nice if it was smacked up your head pretty boy,' I remarked back.

'So you think I'm pretty?' he asked. I stood there with my mouth hanging wide open.

'No, I think you’re rude, big-headed, obnoxious and pretty full of yourself if you ask me,' I replied back to him.

'I still heard the word pretty thrown in there,' he smirked towards me. God I hated this jackass. You see what I mean by the fact that he's so full of himself.

'Your unbelievable,' I stressed pinching the bridge of my nose and shutting my eyes. I dared to open them again, hoping that he would be gone. But no, he was still standing there, leaning against the lockers with that little smirk on his face.

'You mean unbelievably hot. You’re going to Thomas Goodings party next Wednesday night?' He asked showing his pearly white teeth. Oh yeah the famous Thomas Goodings, especially famous for his shocking parties where the cops always get involved. I had gotten invited a couple days ago but didn't know if I was going yet.

'Depends, are you going?' I asked raising one eyebrow. He nodded confidently back. 'Then I'll either try to avoid you or not go at all,' I finished off saying. I turned to walk away down the hall and was almost to the door to exit the building.

'You'll see me there kitten!' I heard from down the hall as I opened the door and walked out. I was on my way to walk out the gate when I felt two warm arms worm their way around my waist and pick me up.

'Hey! Hey, put me down you loony! This is violation!' I shouted as I was twirled around in a circle a couple of times not knowing who it was. I was put back down on the ground and whipped my head round to see the culprit. It was Zack, Zack Blakely. My boyfriend 

'Caught red-handed. It's not like I'm some sex offender or anything,' Zack said placing his arms around my waist again as I swung my arms around his neck. 

'Good, I'm glad about that.' I responded as he crashed his lips into mine. We pulled back and I looked into his green eyes and smiled. His blonde hair sat on top of his head and his dimples were to die for when he smiled. We've been together for about seven months, we're happy and things aren't too bad in the bedroom department either.

'So, I was wondering what you were doing on friday night. Because my parents are out and Beth is out at a friend’s sleepover so we'd have the house all to ourselves...' He started to say seductively raising both his eyebrows. I caught on straight away to what he was saying, he'd say this every time he'd have the house to himself for a friday or for the weekend. 

Beth is his fourteen year old sister and we're really close. She's like a sister from another mister, if that makes sense. Anyway, normally I go over, we order some pizza or a take away, watch a film, things become a little hot and heavy and then you basically get the jist of things.

'I'll be over at six like normal,' I smiled into another long kiss. We pulled away again and went back to holding hands and we started out the gate hand in hand. We walked a little further away from the school until Zack got curious.

'Hey, are you going to Thomas Goodings party next Wednesday? Cause I thought that if you were going then I could pick you up and then after we could go back to yours or to mine?' He asked. It's like he has sex on the brain today.

'Ummmmm, I wasn't thinking about it. And if I do, no, because we have school the next day and I don't wanna be more exhausted then I'll already be the next day,' I made my point. He nodded but didn't look like he was gonna give up on the subject.

'But you have to come, it's gonna be amazing and we'll have a great time. I promise,' he said putting on his puppy dog face. Well, when I say he is, I mean that he's trying.

'I'll think about it. But, I thought that you had football practise today. Drew's got it after school...' I asked sounding a little confused. Zack was also on the football team, that's how we met. Through Drew and through our love of football, I play and am captain of the girls’ football team.

'Yeah, I said that I bruised my ankle and I couldn't practise today. So here I am. Anyway, you are really getting good...' He commented and then kissed me on the lips. I smiled.

'Awwhhh, you too. I mean, when we first started going out, you couldn't kiss at all,' I commented sarcastically. He rolled his eyes at my comment and slung his arm around my shoulders.

'I meant at football,' he corrected himself.

'Really?' I asked back, playing with him a little bit.

'Absolutely, I mean you’re already better than half the guys on my team,' he confessed to me. Handy little piece of information. 

'Probably more than half,' I smirked and then he kissed me again. He has a thing about being all protective about me and feeling the need to kiss me or touch me most of the time. Zack suddenly pulled back with confusion in his eyes.

'What? Do you mean that I couldn't kiss at all?' He asked. That was the little thing that he picked up from our conversation. Hmmmmmm, boys.

'Don't worry, I've taught you well,' I smirked back cockily. He crashed his lips into mine...again. I'll probably end up being persuaded to go.


I got home and sighed. Zack decided that it would be a good idea to go for a 'short-cut', but in fact in was an extra mile that I had to walk back to my house. But he thought that it was 'romantic' so we ended up walking for an extra hour as we had to walk slowly because Zack said that I had to take everything in.

I threw my bag at the bottom of the stairs and made my way over to the living room and swung the door wide open. I stood there wide eyed at what I had just walked in on. 

There was Drew sat on the sofa with Hannah draped across his lap and they were in a mid-way make out session. I gasped and they obviously heard and saw the door wide open out the corner of their eyes and stared at me.

'Ahhh! My eyes.... THEY BURN!!' I screamed as I slapped my hand over my poor eyes and left the room, slamming the door as I left.

I heard low chuckling from the living room and I swear that I heard Drew call me 'completely bonkers' and 'absolutely mad'. But then it returned to silence so I take it that they went back to their make out story.

There are two definite things that you should never have to see in life. One is catching the church priests shagging your school secretary in the closet at the back of the church. And two, is catching your brother and best friend making out on your sofa in your front room.

I tried to erase that mental image from my head as I walked across from the entrance of the living room into the kitchen. I have a photographic memory and I remember everything that's ever happened, everything that I've ever read and everything that I've ever been taught. 

It comes in handy sometimes and feels like a god-given gift, but then at other times it's like a curse. There are some things that you just don't want to remember.

I wandered over towards the fridge-freezer and searched through the freezer to find what I was looking for. I scanned over the items on the four different shelves until I found, ahh ha! Found it. 

A tub of Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream!

I opened the cutlery draw and grabbed a big spoon, ripped off the lid of the tub and dug my spoon into the ice cream. I shoved the spoon into my mouth and it melted. It was like eating a little piece of heaven. I was about to shove another large spoonful of ice cream into my mouth until I heard someone clear their voice. 

I whipped my head round to see that Drew was standing there, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed and looking at me accusingly. 

'You do realise that that tub was mine, right?' He pointed out whilst staring at the tub of ice cream that I was latching onto in my hand. I had the spoon half way in mouth with my mouth open. I looked down at the tub then back up at Drew and shrugged my shoulders and carried on eating my ice cream.

I noticed he was still leaning against the door frame when I was about to take my fourth spoonful. I raised my eyebrow towards him and then he mimicked me back. That's one of the things I love and hate about having a twin. They can most of the time do the same things that you can do, but it'll get annoying. REALLY annoying. And at other times its pretty cool.

'What?' I asked plopping the melting tub of Ben and Jerry’s down onto the kitchen counter. I placed one hand on my hip and cocked that side of my hip, knowing that annoyed the hell out of Drew. Loads of girls used to do that towards him as a sign of flirting and I started doing it because I knew that it annoyed him.

'You are an absolute pig I dunno how you don't put on any weight what-so-ever. I also swear to god that you are the human eating machine or dustbin,' he commented as I dropped my hip. It was true. I ate like food was going out of fashion sometimes, but I normally eat loads regularly and never seem to put on any weight at all. Stayed a size six since I was twelve.

'You know, I always count my lucky stars that I have you for a brother. But then you say something like that and poof! I don't count them ones no more,' I replied making little hand movements to the little ‘poof!’ bit.

'And you dear sister are such a delight. Switching the subject, what were you and lover boy doing that it took you an extra hour to get home?' Drew asked picking up an apple and taking a large bite out of it.

He always did this, he'd refer to Zack as lover boy and then jump to the conclusion that we were up to something bad. Even if we were, I wasn't exactly gonna tell him.

'He thought adding an extra mile to my journey home would be 'fun' and 'romantic'. But clearly, it wasn't.' I replied putting another spoonful in my mouth and letting it melt slowly in my mouth just as Drew was about to open his mouth to speak, Hannah came wandering into the kitchen to meet us.

'Hey guys, ummmmmm, can I ask you for a favour and can I sleep here tonight instead of going home?' She asked quietly whilst on Drew's shoulder with his arm wrapped safely around her waist.

'Yeah that's fine. And I'll go and get you some clothes in a bit to wear tomorrow.' I offered to her.

'No, I've got some clothes upstairs in the spare room from last time I was here. They’re clean so I can wear them tomorrow.' She said back. I smiled back at her. I did say before that Hannah practically lived here, and it was true. 

Her mum and her mum's boyfriend are always getting into fights and arguments, so Hannah doesn't want to be in the middle of any of it. Therefore, she stays round out house for about three or four days a week.

I left the two love-birds alone in the kitchen and headed up to my room. I didn't realise until I flopped down onto my bed that I'd left my ice cream on the kitchen side. But I didn't really wanna go back down to see the make-out session resume on the kitchen table.

I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket but chose to ignore it. It was probably only Zack anyway. But there's no escaping him.

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