a broken heart

a girl has a hard time after being bullied by two of her ex-friends and all thier friends. she wants to end her life but her friend wont let her. but she also knows that the boy she fancies wont go out with her no matter how much she trys.


1. bullying

once there was a girl that had a sad story to tell.

she had been at high school for about a half year and yet her time

had been bad. she had made good friends, but she was being bullied

by two of her ex-boyfriends and thier friends. but she couldnt tell

anyone incase they took the situation to seriously. one day on her

train ride home the bullying got really bad so she told her mum and

her mum had a go at the school office and went too over the top by

threatning to call the police and everything. the girls mum had got all

the people involved detentions all day every day for the rest of the

week. now that they have all been punished they are being even

meaner to her and she cant take it anymore.

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