The Truth hurts

Every girl dreams of meeting the right boy ... Well at least most of them. When they finally think they have things aren't as they appeared to be.


3. The Boy : part 1

The boy :
In all my life I have only ever loved one girl and her name was Emily . And in one of those beyond belief miracles I thought she loved me back.
Fair enough I have fancied a couple of girls here and there but it never lasted. I thought she was one of those as well. But gradually I grew to love every single damn thing about her .
After the little girly crush I had on her I started to actually talk to her rather than just staring at that strangely intriguing bone structure.
I learned that she had a sense of humour unlike some people that happened to be in the same room as us.
I do not want to sound to cocky but I had this special instinct that she liked me more than a friend otherwise known as a gossip. But of course it was too good to be true , many boys had a thing for her but of course she was mine for the taking. Suprisingly my method did not go as well as planned and she went out with this nobody in her class.
Only a minor knock back...
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