The Truth hurts

Every girl dreams of meeting the right boy ... Well at least most of them. When they finally think they have things aren't as they appeared to be.


4. My plan

My attraction towards her grew as my task became more of a challenge. So to start with I decided to begin my quest for her ( cheesy as I know ) by coming in at a different angle ... Her boyfriend . To me he was a perfectly average teenage boy , besides his ruffled brown hair that was organised chaos as well as his mesmerising emerald eyes . Who am I kidding ? Even I could fall In love with him . If I was a girl of course ; I'm not implying anything.
But as hard as I knew this was going to be , she was worth it . Because I knew somewhere in the very depths of her that she was in love with me just as much as I was with her. Some people call it wishful thinking but I knew better than to doubt myself.
Her boyfriend was only a minor hurdle though. The rest was yet to come
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