Before the storm

This story is about the girl Rain, who comes from nothing to get everything...Or thats what she thinks...
Rain is a girl, like everyone else, she could be you, or me. But she is going through a Hard time, when she experience the sense of love....or is it really the love that she needs ?


2. One way.

If you guys wanna hear my story, then you must start reading now.. 


Do you remember our first meeting ? I bet you do. 

I was on the beach with my best friends Lisa and Cameron. I don't Know why we went there on that day, because it was reaining a lot. But we wanted to go, so we did it.

There wasn't anybody at the beach ( because it was raining). I went straight to the water, it was a bit cold but because it was raining the water felt warmer ^^  At first the other girls wouldn't come out in the water, but at the end they did.  We were in the water for quit some time. And after a while I couldn't see my friends anymore. I walked up on the beach, and looked around, they had left me.


I'm sure they did it on purpose!

I was all by myself in the rain T_T

They left me there on the beach with 1 question on my mind "Why did they leave me here?"


I found all my stuff, and I just stood there under my umbrella. I was really cold but i really didn't care. I stood there for a while, when a person suddenly ran into me, and I fell down. At that time I felt like things couldn't get any worser, but when I was sitting there on the ground I realized it could.


Why didn't you just ignore me that day....?!

If you have done that, my life would have been great.....or maybe not


Since it wasn't my day I just looked really angry at the boy that dumbed into me. 

"WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?" CANT YOU SEE I'M STANDING HERE!?" I was really angry but Then I looked straight at you....I couldn't believe it.  I was looking at this really beautiful boy..


do you Guys know who it was ?!


I really hope He remember it himself. Because Jason it was you...... And at this point there was only one way for me..and it was being with you. That wa my biggest mistake ever!




Jeg håber i kan li min novelle indtil videre :D Håber på at blive lidt mere aktiv og skrive mere på den ^^ Please like, og kom gerne med en kommentar eller to! :D 


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