The Missing Piece

Andrea Has been Kept away from a dark and horrible secret for many years.But When she finds out she questions how she really is and sets out to discover her Missing "Sister" but could this lead to a unexpeted danger and regret? As she finds out deeper information,was the secret ment to be a secret? :)

*Note-Not finished so If you could give feeback and like it? Then comment dudes :P Will be writting the whole story during the holidays and should finished capters1 and 2 by the end of next week


1. "To Young To Understand"

   I ran upstairs.Locked my door and slowly slumped my empty self into bed.I couldn't believe they would keep such a huge part of my life away from me.I had a Sister, an actual sister.Mad thoughts raced around my head like a train missing stops.My mind filled with envy and despair.What is she like? What is her name? Are we twins? Questions filled my head yet my brain felt motionless.How could my own parents not tell me something worth such greatness to my life?.I knew I could never trust them again..

"Look Andrea,This is hard on me-And david too.I-I just cant" Mum said though the key whole sobbing

A few silent moments passed before she left.Was she my age? Was she living in the neighbourhood? maybe...But I needed more information.I waited staring at a blank paper in front of me.I heard a loud click on the door.

"Look Andrea, we can have a nice talk abut this later,but now i need to pick up the photos" Mum said running out the back door with David.I slowly walked towards the big French windows accros my bed. "Come Back!" I wispered. Looking through the window, wiping away the condensation. I could not bear to be alone anymore. I felt like the missing jigsaw puzzle in the pack, no one to fit with, no one to hold to keep in place. Just Alone. I  wonder if she is thinking about me? does she know about me?. More and more deep questions, but I found no possible answers. A harsh cold wind drifted from the window. I fixed my covers and slithered towards my wardrobe,slipping into jeans and a dark blue jumper.I found myself perring into my mothers bedroom.She and David would be back any minute now, i thought.

"If I could just somehow find more clues" I mumbled. I quickly rushed to my dresser and collected my favourite pink fluffy pen and a small owl notpad.Tip-toeing down the hall way,purposely missing the creaks in the floorbords, just in case anyone was still in the house,towards the bedroom.I would rarely ever go into my mothers and step-fathers room as she was a very privet person who worked from home.I searched through masses of papers and documents on her desk,but found nothing of intrest to my Sister so I moved on to her dressing table.I was sweating with anxiety,as I knew she would kill me if she saw me going through her berlongings. But I still didnt know how to deal with the sitsuation,or let alone know what I was looking for.I carefully picked up the "I love mum" mug i made for her for,Mother's day last year and emptied it onto the bed.Nothing but some spanish stamps,a postcard written with weird letters and pictures and a few broken pens and pack of chewinggum.I neatly jotted the findings in my notepad.

I soon felt complete disbelief and sloth liked walked back into my bedroom, only to crawl back into my  warm double duvet and cry any tear that could be drained.

I soon tried to calm my thoughts down and get some rest.As I knew David and My Mother would be here any second barging into the front room and march up the long spiral stairs leading to my bedroom.Time seems to go alot slower when you are just staring at the clock  with fixed eyes.How is this happening? My life was fine,fine until I had to find out.Now whats going to happen to me?I thought to meself while bitting my nails until they bled.

"Oh for christ sake David! I just cant handle this any more!I cant live in fear.what will happen to Andrea? where is she anyway?what if, but-" My mother sobbed emerging from the front door as I tried to listen to the conersation through the banastairs. "Well how the hell am I to knpw whats she is feeling? Its his fault not yours.Now just Calm down, right now I mean it!" David shouted,I had never heard him speak with such an angry tone towards my mother before.The thought made am jump,leading me to stumble and hit my head on the end of the stair case. "Shit" I cused, under my breath.

Turning around as quicly as I could,started to sprint up the rest of the narrow stairs onto the landing,before David had time to see me." Just leave it Amy,she has no clue of the notes,the trip or th-" David wispered to my mothers ear. "Shhh! This just cant happen not now, its to early. We just cant take the risk.She is too young to understand" she replied placing the bag of photos onto the small kitchen table. As i spring into my bed,shut my bedroom door,take off my jeans and slip into bed shorts pretending to sleep, my mother is gracefully walking up the stairs with a handful of photos..

"Knock Knock" My mother says softly tapping on my door. "Hmm, Come in" I whisper, dragging my body up my bed till im sitting up straight. " Look! They printed the photos of you and Deanna..I bet they would look amazing on your wall" She said joyfully. But I could see through her like glass,she was just pushing the event away so she wouldnt have to talk about it.But ofcorse she didnt know I knew that. "Ohh cool" I said trying to be normal. " Well im going to get some medicine for you, you look ill" She said patting my head. " but I fee-" But before I could say anything she was gone and I was left sitting there.

I decided it was getting late and I should get ready for bed I walked to my wardrode and grabbed a tight vest embeded with sequins and diamonds covering a small print of the spanish flag. " Where did I get this from?" I mumbled, knowing I had never been to spain so how could I possibly own it? shugging, I headed back to my bed. Beep-Beep the sounds runnign through my ears.It was coming from my desk.Beep-Beep I heard againg,soon realizing it was my phone. 6 missed calls, 2 voice mails and 9 texts.sliding along the screen reading each text, smacking my head remembering I was going school shopping with Deanna today.Perfect news to end the day, just what I needed my only friend annoyed and upset.I quickly texted back saying sorry and asking if tomorrow was okay to do it.

walking back to my bed,I stopped and glanced in the mirror.ugly was the only thing I could think of to describe what I saw infront. My long aurburn hair was in a messy plait ,hanging off my right shoulder my mascaura was smudged and dripping down the tip of my face from crying.I never used to care about buying makeup until I started school,As im not your grilie girl but its what everyone thinks of when they think of teen.What made it worse was having glasses,Im quite an upbeat person but name calling about having to wear them ,well that got to me, so contacts were the answer.Pathetic really,but thats society for you.I loosened my plait and let my hair fall down my back, not even caring to brush it.

"Andrea drink this and get into bed,remember tomorrow's the last day of holiday back on school mode! " My mother said handing my the drink and tucking me into bed.


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