If we ever meet again.

It happened in Florida he looked over and locked eyes with mine I had been looking at him for ages the way he drank his coke the way he ate was so beautiful I know it sounds crazy but can you love someone you don't know?


1. The Boy

I Amilia have never wanted anything or anyone this badly since P3 when I just had to have that Barbiedoll but he was so cute so funny so trustworthy. I wanted to tell him my life story just looking into him creamy hasel eyes. We locked eyes then blushed then looked at the floor then we looked back up and then blushed and looked at the floor and this went on for like forever! He then picked up the courage and sent me a note it was his email address I then pulled out my iPhone and started to email him he done the same but instead of writing he was waiting, waiting for me. I felt so smitten I could barely type Hi. In the end I ended up emailing him

"Hi it's me Amilia from the table next to yours I really wanted to know if you wanted to maybe email for a bit?" Now I look at it it looks so weird and awkward but must've been the same because he then emailed back

"Yeah I'd love to but my mum won't let me but if you could please meet my in the toilet I want to tell you something" It seemed to be serious so I went the toilets had this sort of hall with the doors at the side I look in the window of the toilets then I went in he was already there his name's Tom he's from Florida and I was just visiting I lived in Scotland my heart dropped when I heard this piece of news why why why is the first guy I like and likes me back have to be over 4,000 miles away from me what is it with me and my taste first of all I hate guys and when I do grow on them they all act like jerks and now there's this really cute guy here in front of me and I can't even tell him how I feel because I'm far too chicken. Before I know what's happening he leans over and kisses me gently it isn't scary or pushy it's perfect.

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