A Human's Curse

Long ago there was a forest that was once beautiful, filled with beautiful flowers and trees. It was beautiful until the wolves started to settled onto the land, then things started to rot and people began to die. The witch who settled herself into a different forest each day put a curse on them, telling them it won't be lifted until they found their true love or they will stay wolves forever until they find them but will they be able to find their true love before time runs out?


1. Final

Once upon a time,

There was a forest,

Just out of reach,

But always in eye sight,

Large trees,

Small plants,

Covered in a thin layer of mist,

Once held a beauty that no one could reach,

But as the years passed,

Large trees,

Smalls plants,

Were covered in a thick layer of darkness,

And the forest that once held an intense beauty,

Was now dead and decaying,

No one tried to save it,

No one dared to speak of it,

Everyone had families they wanted to protect,

And everyone wanted to live,

No one went near it,

For if they did they were met with a growl,

Yellow eyes glowing in the darkness,

Pink lips pulled back,

Ready to fight,

The warnings were clear,

“Stay away or die,” villagers would say,

And most would listen to the warnings,

But there was one curious boy in the crowd,

Bright brown eyes and spiked black hair,

His mouth slightly gaped,

He would choose to die,

And people stared at him and begged him not to go,

“There’s nothing for me here.” The boy answered,

And off he went towards the forest of death,

The boy wasn’t scared,

Standing still in front of the forest,

The dark yellow eyes staring him down,

The growls getting louder by the second,

Its teeth ready to rip apart his skin,

“Are you going to kiss me?” the boy asked,

Watching the animal closely,

“No,” the animal answered, turning his back to the human. “Leave you’re not wanted here.”

“There’s nothing for me there,” the boy answered,

The animal turned its head,

Yellow eyes flashing with some kind of emotion,

The boy thought it was sadness and his heart constricted,

“There’s nothing for you here either.” The animal growled,

But the boy only shook his head and smiled,

“There’s everything for me here.”


Those five words continued to ring through the animal’s mind, even to this day he still remembers the conversation he had with the boy.

Ever since that day, the animal couldn’t understand what the boy named Yoseob meant when he said there was everything for him here. As far as Doojoon was concerned there was nothing for him here, just a bunch of rowdy wolves.

It has been two months since Yoseob arrived; two months since he joined the pack, two months since he has seen his village.

“Doojoon?” a voice called, breaking him out of his thoughts. He looked at Yoseob who was playing with his brown fur, his back pressed against his stomach.

“Yes, love?” he answered, nudging Yoseob’s cheeks with his wet nose, making the younger smile.

During these two months Doojoon has fallen in love with the younger male. He was scared, and he didn’t know how or when it happened but he knew it did. Though from the very beginning he knew Yoseob was going to be his mate. I was a scary thought because he was a wolf, a beast, and a monster while Yoseob was this sweet and innocent male.

It was like some type of forbidden love.

“I love you,” Yoseob giggled, shoving his face into Doojoon’s fur. “Just wanted to let you know that.”

Doojoon sighed and nipped at Yoseob’s ear, making sure his teeth didn’t pierce into the soft flesh. It was at times like these that made Doojoon wish he was human again, but that would have to wait until the full moon came and that was just a month away.

“I love you too.” Doojoon whispered, a sad icy tone clinging to his words. He wished he could kiss Yoseob right now, make love him, and hold him but he couldn’t do it. Not in a wolf’s body, he wasn’t into bestiality.

It’s all because of that stupid witch, Doojoon thought bitterly. Because of her I can’t do anything until the full moon. I swear once I turn human I will make love to Yoseob, and tell him that I love him a million times. Doojoon laid his head in the middle of his paws and let his mind wonder back to the day he turned into a wolf.


The forest glistened with frost, the sun making it look like a million diamonds. The flowers were starting to blossom at the first sign of the sun’s rays. It was a beautiful site, but it held a dark legend, a legend that Doojoon was going to investigate.

His mother had told him not to go too far, but to a teenager he didn’t know how far ‘too far was’ was. He kept walking and walking until his feet made him stop from exhaustion.

“How could this place have a dark past?” Doojoon mumbled, his eyes scanning the surrounding area. The trees around him were in full bloom, the flowers on them basking in the sun. The flowers on the ground were bright pink with a tinge of purple, and the stream in front of him seemed to create a nice, soft melody.

He couldn’t see how this place had a horrible past because it was so peaceful and beautiful. The legend of the dark witch seemed to be just a legend after all.

“I hope you know you are trespassing boy.” An old raspy voice seemed to choke out, making Doojoon stop in his tracks.

He turned his head to the side to see an old lady dressed in black coming out of the shadow of the trees. She had a cane in her right hand, and the other hand was on her back.

“I’m sorry,” he said politely. “I just couldn’t help myself. This place is so beautiful, not at all what I was expecting.”

The witch chuckled and stopped walking a few feet before Doojoon, a small smile hanging from her cracked lips.

“What were you expecting, child? Old trees, dead plants, and wild animals running around like the monsters they can be?”

Doojoon shrugged, “Well yeah, that’s the way my parents and the villagers made it sound like, but I’ll just be going now. My mother is probably already serving dinner, sorry again for trespassing.”

“Do you think you can just come in here without paying a price?” the old lady hissed, pointing a slim wrinkled finger at Doojoon.

“I said I was sorry, what more do you want?” Doojoon asked, taking a step back. He was starting to get scared, and he had a bad feeling about all of this. He needed to leave but his legs wouldn’t move. They didn’t seem to listen to him especially when the old lady was coming near him.

“So strong,” the old woman whispered, trailing a finger down Doojoon’s chest. “Yet your heart is weak. Your care a lot for people, but at the same time you don’t let people in for fear of rejection. Am I correct young man?”

Doojoon blinked, and he opened up his mouth to speak but nothing came out. He was completely frozen from shock and fear.

“I’ve been watching from the forest, Doojoon. I know everybody and their secrets. For instance I know that you aren’t normal…you don’t like women in a sexual way, you like men. I also know that your father was murdered because he was doing some illegal business. I am a powerful old witch Mr. Yoon, don’t cross me.”

Doojoon continued to stand there, no words coming out of his still open mouth. He didn’t know how the woman knew any of this, it completely baffled him.

He hasn’t told anyone that he liked men yet, and he was eighteen. Nobody knew the real reason his father was murdered either. They all just thought that somebody was drunk, and stabbed him in the chest a few times.

The real reason was because he had been selling people to me for sex, and he would keep them in a secluded area. He thought nobody would find out, but one of the king’s knights overhead him talking about it with a potential buyer, and the knight waited for him to get done with the conversation and killed him.

Nobody knew about it still and Doojoon was going to keep it that way.

“But,” the lady spoke, breaking Doojoon’s scattered thoughts. “Since you have already crossed me I guess I am going to have to punish you somehow.”

Doojoon was horrified by this old lady. If she knew that he didn’t like women, especially old women, then why does she want him like that?

“I don’t mean sexual punishment! I am too old for that kind of stuff. I mean I’m going to change you into some sort of animal, but the question is: what? A turtle? No, too slow. A deer? No, you don’t look graceful enough to be one.”

The woman continued to talk, and Doojoon continued to stare at her like she was crazy, which she was. She couldn’t turn him into an animal, she was just crazy.

“What would you be then?” The woman asked, getting into Doojoon’s facer and rubbing her finger under her chin. Then it was like a light bulb went off in her head because her whole body seemed to light up, and her eyes got wide with excitement.

“A wolf!” she exclaimed. “A wolf fits you so well! They are so strong, and yet they have one weakness: their mate, which you haven’t found yet.”

“Of course I have.” Doojoon mumbles sarcastically. He knows he hasn’t found his love, or “mate” yet because no one was his type; no one gave him those fireworks everyone talks about, and certainly no one makes him get excited.

“Don’t give me sass, young man. I could easily turn you into a frog right now if I wanted, but a wolf suits you more.”

Doojoon narrowed his eyes at the old women, but suddenly his eyes opened until they were perfectly round.

The beautiful scenery seemed to melt away. Darkness replaced the stream, flower, and sweet smelling trees. The villagers were right, Doojoon thought. This place was just a trap.

The flowers started to decay, the tree’s leaves began to fall which only left the pointed branches, and stream before him began to bubble and turn brown.

Doojoon was terrified, his blood running cold. He should have listened to his mother and the villagers, he should have stayed home.

“Don’t be scared, Doojoon. This will only hurt a bit.” The old woman smiled, and then she closed her eyes and began chanting some words in Latin.

Doojoon wanted to run, but his legs still wouldn’t listen to him. He was not screaming for somebody to help him, but he was too far into the woods. Nobody was going to hear him; nobody was going to save him.

Suddenly a white noise shot through Doojoon’s ear, and he placed his hands on his ears to try and block out the noise. He let out a loud scream as the ringing started to become more intense. He let out another mangled cry as pain started to slowly make its way through his body.

He dropped to his knees, letting his middle fall over so his forehead was touching the dead ground. His hands were gone from his ears and they were now clawing at the ground, desperately trying to make the pain go away.

He could feel his shirt start to rip, his teeth start to form into sharp points, and his fingernails turn into claws. He wanted to open his eyes and see what was happening, but he was in too much pain to do anything.

He tried to let out another scream but all that came out was a loud, painful howl. The pain seemed to last for hours, and all he wanted was for the pain to go away. He wanted to know what he has become, and he knew it wouldn’t be pretty.

“Now, was that so bad?” the old lady’s voice filled his ears, and he realized that the pain was now gone, but something was different. He opened his eyes and looked around, his new eyes picking up a lot more detail than before.

He looked down at his hands, which were now covered in fur, and his claws were showing. He flexed his hands and he dragged his claws through the dirt.

He got up, hating the fact that he couldn’t stand on two feet. He took a step forward, cursing when he started to wobble. Walking felt so foreign to him now, and he knew he would have to learn to walk again.

He felt like a new born deer, trying to get all the bones in their legs to work but they keep shaking and falling.

“Walking isn’t that hard,” the old lady snapped. “You’re a wolf for crying out loud, full grown one at that!”

Doojoon wanted to glare at her, but he decided against it. He needed to focus on getting himself over to the stream.

Even though the stream was brown and poisonous, Doojoon could still see his reflection perfectly. His dark brown fur was swaying from the wind that was making its way through the forest, and his yellow eyes were piercing. He was still a pretty big size, almost as big as a human.

There was a sad look in his eyes because he knew he would never see his family again; he wouldn’t be able to tell them how much he loved them.

He lifted his head up to the sky, and let out a mournful howl, hoping his parents would hear it and know it was him.

“It’s not that bad.” The lady whispered, suddenly behind him stroking his soft silky fur. He wanted to bite her, tear her to shreds, and make her feel pain in the same way she did to him.

“I know you want to kill me right now, but I promise you it will get better. There is a way to lift this curse, Mr. Yoon. Would you like to hear it?”

Doojoon’s ear perked up at that bit of information, and she had his full attention. He would do anything right now to go back to his family, and he did mean anything.

“Once you find the person, or wolf, that is meant for you the curse will be lifted. However, there is a catch. Once you have found your mate and you two are officially together, then you must wait ‘till the first full moon of the next month before you can return to your normal human self. Unless, of course, your love is tested then in that moment of truth you will be returned to your human self as well. So there are two options, but one of them is just a bit longer than the other.”

Doojoon couldn’t help but feel a bit disappointed. He thought he would need to kill a rabbit or something like that. That would have been easier than finding his mate. That could take years, and he didn’t know if he had the patience to wait that long.

“It’s the only way, Doojoon. Find your mate or continue to suffer. I think it is a pretty easy choice, don’t you think?”


At the time it didn’t seem like an easy choice, Doojoon thought. Now that he is finally here though, I couldn’t be happier.

Doojoon looked at the now sleeping figure, wanting to smile. He couldn’t wait until the full moon so he could tell Yoseob how much he loved him. He couldn’t wait to make love to Yoseob as well.

He couldn’t wait to kiss Yoseob, feel his lips on his, and have the younger male squirm underneath him. He just couldn’t wait to do a lot of things with Yoseob.

“Soon my love, soon.” Doojoon whispered, closing his eyes to feel the soft gently breeze that came through the forest.

Since Yoseob came here the forest had restored some of its glow. The trees are starting to grow buds, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the water was starting to become clear.

“Doojoon!” a frantic cry shattered his peaceful thoughts. He looked up to see a black wolf, frustration filling his yellow eyes. There was panic mixed in there as well, and that worried Doojoon.

“Kikwang, what’s wrong?” he asked, nudging Yoseob with his nose to wake him up before turning his attention back to Kikwang.

“We were out hunting for animals when all of a sudden an arrow hit the back of Hyunseung’s leg. There is a bunch of villagers surrounding us, and we need your help. Usually we can handle the situations but there is too many, and there are too many weapons.”

Doojoon nodded, “Right, I’ll be right there. Try to get Hyunseung somewhere safe if you can.”

Kikwang bowed his head before turning to run back to the fight. By now Yoseob was fully awake and worried. That was one of the things Doojoon loved about Yoseob. He worried for other people, even when he didn’t have to.

“Is there anything I can do to get you to stay here?” he asked, his voice hopeful. He didn’t want Yoseob to get hurt as well.

“No, Doojoon. I need to help Hyunseung, and I might be able to calm the villagers down. They don’t know you can talk, so that will add to list on why they want to kill the big bad wolves.”

Doojoon sighed and got up. He walked in front of Yoseob, and turned his head to look back at him.

“Climb on, we don’t have much time.” Doojoon ordered. He watched Yoseob get up and crawl on his back. It always amused him when Yoseob tried to get on his back. He was a big wolf, so climbing was a bit difficult.

“I thought you said we don’t have much time?” Yoseob mocked, and Doojoon rolled his eyes before racing toward the family.

“Be ready.” Doojoon warned. He was worried for Yoseob because the villagers might take their anger out on him, and he didn’t want Yoseob to die or get hurt. He might go crazy if that happened.

Doojoon stopped running when he saw his family being attached. Dongwoon was trying to fend off the villager while Kikwang and Junhyung we trying to drag Hyunseung away from the battlefield.

“Go help Kikwang and Junhyung. I’ll get the villager to stop.” Yoseob ordered while sliding off Doojoon’s back.

Doojoon watched as Yoseob ran off, feeling a sense of dread. He hoped Yoseob would be okay. He knew that Yoseob was able to take care of himself, but that didn’t mean he didn’t worry.

“Stop it!” hear heard Yoseob yell, and he was surprised to see the people listen. While the villagers were distracted he ran towards Hyunseung to get him further into the forest.

“These animals did nothing to you! They were just hunting to survive, just like you guys do! You’ve just hurt an innocent animal, and he could die now because of you selfish people!”

Everybody went silent after Yoseob’s outburst. Nothing could be heard except Yoseob’s breathing and the crackle of the fire on some of the villager’s torches.

“Yoseob? Is that you?” a male asked, stepping out of the crowd to face Yoseob. The man who was now in front had short blond hair and blue grey eyes. By the way he was looking at Yoseob; Doojoon knew that this man knew who Yoseob was.

“Jake?” Yoseob whispered, his furious gaze softening. Doojoon couldn’t help but feel a pang of jealousy from the stares they are giving each other.

They knew each other that much was obvious, but they looked like they were more than just friends as well.

“What are you doing here? Why is the whole village here? Why are you attaching these wolves like they are monsters?”

Jake smiled, “Isn’t it obvious? We are sick and tired of these wolves having control over our lives. We are here to take our forest back and restore it to the way it was! The even bigger question though, is why are protecting these monsters?”

The furious glint in Yoseob’s eyes came back and he stalked up to Jack to grab the man’s collar.

“They are not monsters!” he hissed. “They are animals! They don’t control what you do either! You have the decision to let this affect you and you chose to have it this way! Oh, and to answer your question Jake, I protect them because I love them.”

“You love them?” Jake sneered. “How can you love them? They are monsters, you can’t love monsters.”

Yoseob smiled, and Doojoon knew Yoseob was going to say something hurtful. He always had that smile: lips curved to one side, teeth showing, and evil looking.

“Well Jake, I love them in the same way you still love your teddy bear. How is Steve doing by the way?”

Doojoon watched as Jake’s face went red. He heard Hyunseung snicker despite the state he was in. He knew the rest of the pack was hiding in their laughter, including him. Yoseob knew how to bring down a man’s ego. He hurt Doojoon a couple of times before they were together.

“The wolves have treated me better than any of you. They love me more than you love me, Jake. They know how to take care of me and protect me. They give me the feeling of safety and I never felt that. Not with you or my family. So, I suggest you leave here, or I will let the wolves show no mercy.”

Yoseob let go of Jake’s collar and gave him a push.

“I don’t want to see any of you again, unless it is to apologize and make peace. Good bye Jake, and say good bye to my family.”

Yoseob turned around, tears starting to trickle down his pale cheeks. Doojoon walked up to Yoseob and licked the salty tears away. He wanted to tell Yoseob to back with Jake to the village, so he can be happy but if he wanted to go back then he would have done so by now.

“How can you say I didn’t love you?” Jake hissed. “I gave you everything, and yet this is how you repay me? What an ungrateful bitch.”

Doojoon let out a loud growl. He pulled his lips back, showing his sharp teeth. He was going to rip out Jake’s throat if he said once more nasty thing about his Yoseob.

“Shh, Doojoon, he’s not worth the bloodshed, nor will he ever be. Let’s just get Hyunseung back to our spot and get him cleaned up.”

Yoseob nuzzled his nose again Doojoon’s, “I love you, Doojoon. Nothing will ever break us apart, not ever Jake. I loved him once, but he’s not you. So don’t worry about him.”

Yoseob walked back towards Hyunseung, where the golden haired wolf nipped at his nose. Yoseob smiled and placed his hand on Hyunseung’s head. He knew the wolf was in pain, and he had half a mind to go punch whoever did this to him.

Doojoon looked back at his family and then he turned to look at Jake. He knew talking would jeopardize them, and the villagers would probably act out but there was a chance to get them to understand and Doojoon was going to take that chance.

“Do you really want to break this family apart?” Doojoon asked his voice soft and gently. “We haven’t done anything to you. Yes, there have been a few deaths but that is because you have come at us with weapons, and we have no choice but to kill if we want to survive. My family doesn’t like to kiss, and Yoseob doesn’t like bloodshed. So please leave here right now. I don’t want to kill you.”

The forest was once again completely silent. The villagers were trying to process what just happened, the shock clear on their faces.

“Did the wolf just talk?” a random voice in the crowd asked. “If he did…then the animal made a valid point. If someone came at me I would attack them, kill them if I had to. Come on, let’s go.”

Doojoon let out a breath he had been holding when the villagers started to turn around and walk away from them. Soon all the villagers had gone except for Luke.

“Go away,” Doojoon ordered. “Yoseob made it pretty clear that he doesn’t want to see your face again, and neither do I. If you don’t leave I will rip your throat out.”

Jake laughed, “I’m not scared of you, and I’m not leaving without Yoseob. He owes me money for some things.”

“He doesn’t ow you anything.” Doojoon growled, crouching down to show Jake he was serious. “Now go.”

Jake opened his mouth to retort but he was interrupted by an old frail voice, one that he and his family knew too well.  

“You hear him Mr. Hall. He doesn’t want to see your face again, so you better move or else I will make you move understand?”

Jake gulped and nodded his head. He turned around and ran out of the forest, knowing that the witch wasn’t kidding.

“Jeez, that kid has been nothing but trouble. I had to handle him when he basically sold Yoseob to a man for sex. That was not fun to deal with…” the old witch stopped after the look Yoseob gave her.

“He what?” Doojoon growled his voice dangerously low. He looked back at Yoseob, his eyes narrowed. “He sold you to another man? When were you going to tell me?”

Junhyung nudged Yoseob’s arms, and he gave the blond wolf and quick pat on the head before getting up. He walked towards Doojoon, the deadly glare making him nervous.

“I wasn’t going to tell you,” he answered truthfully. “I finally felt free. I felt like I was finally in a place where I belonged. They couldn’t reach me, and I finally felt at home. That is what I meant when I said that there was everything for me here Doojoon. I have a family, and that is something I have never had before. Please don’t be mad.”

Doojoon sighed, closing his eyes to calm down. He couldn’t’ stay mad at Yoseob for long and he could understand where he was coming from. He licked Yoseob’s nose and turned to look at the old lady who was looking away from them, as if that would give them some privacy.

“Oh, are you done? Good, because I have some good news. I know that I said I wouldn’t change you guys back until the full moon, but you all risked your life for your mate in one way or another so as a reward I will change you back.”

All of the wolves howled in excitement. They were going to be changed back! After so many years waiting for their mate to come, they were finally going to be changed back.

“The good news doesn’t stop there, at this moment I have some of my henchmen, or whatever you want to call them, building three houses so you will have privacy to do whatever you do,” the old lady stopped talking to look at Hyunseung, her eyes filling with sympathy. “Don’t worry Hyunseung, when I change you back your wound will heal and you will be good as new.”

“Okay,” Hyunseung answered, the excitement in his voice was barely contained. They were all excited and they all closed their eyes when the witch began chanting.

They braced themselves for the pain that was coursing through their veins, and Yoseob watched in fascination as the wolves lost their claws, sharp teeth, and hair being replaced with fingernails, normal sized teeth, and flesh.

Yoseob kept on watching, his eyes never closing, until their bodies were once again fully human. They were naked, but they very beautiful. They almost looked untouchable, and for a moment Yoseob questioned if he really belonged in this family.

The look that Doojoon gave him though erased all of his doubt and without any other thought he ran towards Doojoon and smashed their lips together in a searing kiss.

Doojoon lifted Yoseob up by the hips, smiling when he wrapped his legs around his waist. He bit Yoseob’s bottom lips, dipping his tongue in when Yoseob gasped. They both moaned when their tongues touched, sliding over each other to try and taste every inch of their mouths.

This was better than they both imagined.

They loved the way their lips and body fit together perfectly; they loved the way their touch left burning sensations.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” the witch said loudly. “But you’re naked, and before this gets uncomfortable you need pants, which I have. I came down knowing I was going to change you back, and I brought pants.”

Yoseob giggled and gave Doojoon one last kiss before unwrapping himself from Doojoon’s waist. He watched as Doojoon and the rest of his family grabbed the pants the witch had in her bag.

Yoseob couldn’t take his eyes off of Doojoon. The man was just so strong and sexy. He wanted to rub his hands all over him, and kiss him. He couldn’t wait to get home and start their activities. Lord knows this is way over due.

“Before you start undressing me,” Doojoon whispered in Yoseob’s ear, making the younger shiver. “Let’s get settled in our new home.”

Yoseob smiled and took one of Doojoon’s hands in his, intertwining their fingers together. They fit together perfectly, like two puzzle pieces that just click into place.

“I like the sound of that.” He said, his smile growing bigger and with the sun setting below the horizon they all made their way back to their new home.

They knew that this wasn’t the end; it was just the beginning of their new lives.

*The End*

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