Drunk, Drugs and Living in the Dirt.

Matt's life is wasted, he is poor and drunk. Not to mention dealing drugs.


3. Help me

"Please?" Matt slurred "I n-need help" It was 3am and the lady in the florescent ambulance jacket sighed exasperatedly and started to walk away, her long night of looking after drunk, injured people off the streets had exhausted her and she just wanted to go home. "Please" Matt whispered in one last attempt, the lady stopped and slowly turned around. "look, honey, there isn't anything wrong with you, just bruises and drunken headaches. I'm not allowed to take you in because you're not seriously injured."

"I have no where to go" Matt whimpered and the lady softened up a bit, she had children of her own and would hope that somebody would treat them nicely if the ever needed help. "Fine, I'll find you something" She turned around a pulled out a mobile "Hi, steve. I've got a drunken man who has no where to go and I don't want to leave him out in the cold." Matt could hear a disscussion and then the lady returned. "I've got you help, I just hope I never have to see you again" She smiled "In a good way that is" Just then a police van drove up and Matt looked at the ambulance lady, terrified.

"What have I done? Please don't take me!" He begged as he tried to get up, failed and tumbled back down.

"It's alright" The lady reasured. "Steve is here to take you to the police station for the rest of the night until you sober up."

But Matt was so drunk and so worked up nothing could calm and he carried on sobbing and shouting. "please!" He screamed hysterically "Don't hurt me, I-I don't want to go!"  He was crying like a baby and kicking out as he was carried into the police van.

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