Drunk, Drugs and Living in the Dirt.

Matt's life is wasted, he is poor and drunk. Not to mention dealing drugs.


1. Drunk

Matt staggered down the alleyway, cursing his swollen feet. He threw his empty glass bottle at the crumbling brick wall before pulling another one out of his huge patched up pocket. He took a swig from his wiskey bottle and threw himself at his tiny blanket that was lying, crumpled, on top of his newspaper bed. Pulling the old blue blanket over his dangerously thin shoulders, he shivered before pouring the last mustardy coloured drop of drink into his mouth. The droplet slid between his rotting teeth before plumeting into the depths of his throat.

Lying his head on his cold stone pillow a snore erupted from his mouth as he fell into a deep slumber. His foul breath polluting the air around him.

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