Summer Paradise

When Hayley falls over at the train station and breaks bones will she fall in love with Louis or the one who rescues her from misery, Niall. Read to find out... xx


6. Niall's House

Hayley's P.O.V

Niall helped me over to the car. I appreciated that very much.

"Thank you" I said holding on the 'u'.

"No problem babe" He replied.

"Hello Hayley" Louis cut in.

"Hi Louis" I replied.

"Wait a minute how do you two know each other?" Niall questioned

"When Hayley broke her arm and her leg I was at the train station." Louis stated

He seemed a little bit cross that my boyfriend that is one of his mates. It was a quiet ride the rest of the way to their house so I decided to cuddle up next to Niall. We shared a passionate kiss.


I whispered in his ear "Would you like to go to nandos later?"

"Well of course I would" He laughed

"Good because we were going if you wanted to or not" I joked

Finally we drew up outside his house. It was a small building. It was two story though. I was helped out of the car again. Then I walked inside hand in hand with Niall. The first room was a circle kind of shape white with red objects in. The room off from that was a kitchen. It was very messy but I could deal with that! I knew who used this the most - Niall! We went upstairs to find six rooms - five bedrooms and a bathroom. All the rooms had a theme. Niall led me to his room. It had white walls and different shades of blue objects. There were five silver letters on the wall spelling out N-I-A-L-L. I can't believe I am in the same room as my idol. I can't believe this is really happening.

I pushed him onto the bed, then I flopped on top of him. Grinning so much. I bit my lip and winked at him. We leaned in for a kiss. I had my hand in his hair. My tounge went into his mouth. He let out a soft moan. "Niall, can I b-borrow" Liam stood there in shock We both sat bolt upright. I bit my lip to hold back a laugh. "D-don't worry about t-that" He wizzed out of the room so fast and we burst out laughing. Next we made our way to nandos but it was jampacked so we decided to go to get some fish and chips. We ate them while we walked home hand in hand.
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