Summer Paradise

When Hayley falls over at the train station and breaks bones will she fall in love with Louis or the one who rescues her from misery, Niall. Read to find out... xx


9. Love Hurts

Niall's P.O.V.

When I returned home with Liam I put the stuff I brought in my jumper pocket. Luckily my pockets were big enough. I went upstairs to find Hayley in my room crying.

"Hayley whats wrong" I asked her

She continued to cry with her head in her hands. 

"Come on, you can tell me" I told her

She looked up at me a little bit.

"It's L-louis" She muttered

She put her head back in her hands and continued to cry even harder. I gave her a tissue, she wiped her eyes and blew her nose. Then she threw it into my bin.

"I don't like seeing you like this, what's happened Hayley" I questioned

"He told me I shouldn't be with you and you deserve better that me and he said I was a waste of space and he said it like he meant it as well" She cried

I stormed out of my room furious.

"Don't hurt anyone" She shouted as I walked away

I ignored her comment. I ran downstairs. I am appalled in Louis. He should know better than to say things like that.  

"Where is Louis" I said with anger

"In his room" they chorused

I walked back upstairs and straight into Louis room.

"What do you think you are doing, talking to my girlfriend like that" I angrily questioned

"What did I say"

"You know what you said and don't lie"

"Okay, fine. I told her she shouldn't be with you"

"Its not fine and you didn't just say that did you" 

"No, i'm sorry"


I grabbed him by his shirt and punched him. 


"Understood" He said ashamed by what he had said. I could tell he would never do that again by the the way he doubled over. 

I started walking out of his door as he muttered something




I walked back to Hayley and told her that everything is going to be alright. Next I wiped away all of her tears and took her hand. I started walking downstairs. 

"W-where are we going" She panicked

"Don't panic, we are just going out for a walk, okay" I told her

"Okay bu-" I cut her off by kissing her

We walked in silence most of the way but it was a nice silence not an awkward one. At last we got to the bandstand. I smiled at her and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hayley, I have something to ask you"

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