The life of any person or animal can be hard. For Eliza Hale it can't go further down hill at the moment. It was then that she met the new boy in school, Tom Banks, who changes her perspective entirely. When they first meet they both know that they want this to work and it will, until there is a bump in the road. Quite a big one in fact


2. Phone call

I sat staring at the ceiling, there was nothing to do or talk to. I was tempted to just talk to the wall if I had to. My phone was dead with emptiness so was I. I sat there, nothing to do. So bored. My legs vibrated violently, someone was calling me.

"Hello" I said rather nervous

"Hey this is Eliza right?" "Yeah who's this?" "My name's Tom, Tom Banks. You might not know me yet but you do soon. " "Yeah but why are you calling me?" "Do you want to go on a date with me? If you want you can see me first, look out the window."

I stood up and looked out the window, there was some 18 year old waving. I put down my phone and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote tom and held it to the window. He nodded and waited for me to pick up the phone. 

"I'll pick you up at seven."

The line went dead and he was gone. Why did he call me just then? Who was he? I couldn't wait to tell someone.

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