The life of any person or animal can be hard. For Eliza Hale it can't go further down hill at the moment. It was then that she met the new boy in school, Tom Banks, who changes her perspective entirely. When they first meet they both know that they want this to work and it will, until there is a bump in the road. Quite a big one in fact


1. "Pack your bags"

I was at the bottom. No way to get back up, just stuck. Here in this pit of hell there was just me. Everyone above. Their laughter mocked my saneness. Every sense was harder. It was like being covered tightly with many a blanket. Each and everyone squeezed out more and more of my life being bearable again. To be whole. To be loved and cherished by someone. Someone like Mike. Mike was 'boyfriend' when I was back home with my mother. Now he had been torn. Torn harshly and brutally from me. It was like half of my heart was with him and I had nothing of him to patch me up. To make the holes go away. My parents had been divorced nearly a year now. I had been only 10 when the fighting started. I had battled through school with this constant war over who needed to pick me up from school or who needed to pick me and my friends from school to go to the cinema. I was always in the middle. It never helped that my dad always spent the little money we had that month on beer. I watched him every night throw the devilish liquid down that fierce throat that he used to constantly fight with my mother. It was at the time around 11 and half months ago that what he did caused me to call the police. They were having another one of their constant fights. This one was different though. It was sharper. Sharper than a butchers knife. They were arguing over my horse-riding. He had pulled his wallet and threw it towards my mother.

"Look at this. It because of her," He had thrust his hand at me," that we can't afford to go out and have fun on a Friday night after you come home from work."

"You are blaming our own flesh and blood. You evil pig. Look at what is in your hand. A big green beer bottle. You've already had... what... like five," she had said through sobs, " it's what you daily throw into your body that is not just making us broke but in to a different life. I wish that I had never laid my eyes on you measly lying face, I should have known that you were no good for me." He stared at her for a brief few seconds, threw the bottle on the floor and, laughing hysterically to himself, smacked her right on her face. Her cheek had become bright purple and she just stood there. Fixed into that icy space in front of her. Her eyes were glued to the floor. After what seemed like forever, she said  three impact-full words that gave my father shudders to bone. Her words were calm and patient as if this had never happened:

"Pack your bags."

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